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Case Study

A Leading Global Bank Leverage Emotion AI Tech To Lift Digital Conversion By 12%

February 23, 2023
10 min

Mobile apps are vital for every business these days; you need to deliver a seamless mobile app experience. And for banking apps, you have to be even more careful to create the most easy-to-use version – one that deliver a seamless mobile customer experience. If you do not, you will lose money. Imagine your banking app going down for a few days - how many transactions will you lose and how significantly it could impact your business, you could even lose millions of dollars per day.

This case study is of a leading global bank who launched a new version of their banking app after they acquired a new company. The purpose of the revamp was to create a seamless customer experience for the old users.

After launching the app in the marketplace, they saw an uptick in the dropout rates. To investigate, they started with traditional research methods like Surveys, In-depth Interviews, and Focus Groups to identify the reason for the sudden dropouts. Even though these methods helped them in identifying the 'what' part of the problem, the team working on the app was not able to understand the 'why' part – why the dropouts were happening.

Download this free case study to learn how the bank leveraged Emotion AI technology to understand users' subconscious behaviour and how it helped them understand the 'why' part of the problem – why the dropouts were happening.

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