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Case Study

Food Giant leverages our Ad Insights Platform for testing

February 23, 2023
10 min

A Leading American Multinational Food Manufacturing Company Leverages AffectLab's Emotion AI based Ad Insights Platform for Ad Concept Testing to Optimize Messaging and Improve Brand Recall.

The client wanted to measure and analyze the creative efficacy of two scratch films to accurately predict which of the two was resonating more with consumers. Our Ad Insights platform would in turn facilitate key decisions to help maximize ROI on advertising spends.

With traditional survey methods it is difficult to capture true and unbiased feedback of the consumer especially when it comes to video ad testing where responses tend to be subjective and hard to quantify.

Learn how with Entropik’s behavioural insights, the client was able to measure the creative efficacy and impact of brand elements on consumers for both the scratch films. The client could accurately predict which of their two ad films was resonating more with consumers.

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