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Entropik Integrates ChatGPT into New Decode Qualitative Research Platform

Entropik integrates ChatGPT into Decode, a qualitative research platform, enhancing data analysis and insights.

May 24, 2023
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Entropik, a human insights company, is proud to announce the launch of Decode very soon - a revolutionary Integrated Consumer Research Platform powered with EmotionAI. Decode integrates the powerful capabilities of ChatGPT, powered by GPT-3, to deliver comprehensive summaries, AI-generated highlights and topics, and capture action items, revolutionizing how qualitative research was ever done.

Decode's AI-generated Action Items feature uses the robust GPT-3 API to identify essential action items from transcript texts seamlessly. This eliminates the need for manual scanning and note-taking, enabling users to swiftly pinpoint and address crucial tasks without the need to review the entire discussion.

The Summarization feature in Decode employs both Abstractive and Extractive Summarization. With this powerful tool, users can quickly grasp the key takeaways from lengthy transcripts, providing the most critical points covered in the discussion.

Utilizing Large Language Models (LLMs) capabilities, Decode's Tagging feature automatically identifies and labels vital points discussed within the transcript. By mapping these tags to respective highlights, users can effortlessly navigate to the most relevant parts of the conversation. This further enhances efficiency by reducing the manual effort required to identify and organize important information.

Decode's Highlights feature takes advantage of the GPT-3 API to identify and extract sentences containing keywords, creating concise and impactful summaries of the most significant parts of the discussion. By distilling the conversation into bite-sized highlights, Decode enables users to quickly refer back to essential points, eliminating the need to review the entire transcript.

Furthermore, Decode's Insights feature combines the power of GPT-3 with our in-house models to provide users with valuable and data-driven insights from their transcripts. This empowers businesses to make informed decisions and optimize productivity like never before.

"Decode represents a major breakthrough in qualitative research and is the first vertically integrated research cloud offering that unifies all research offerings for brands in one single platform," said Lava Kumar, Founder & CPO of Entropik. "We're excited to integrate ChatGPT into our product and provide our customers a smarter and more efficient way to conduct research. With this tool, they can quickly get to the heart of their discussions without having to sift through hours of recordings."

Decode is perfect for businesses, market researchers, and product developers looking for a more effective way to conduct qualitative research. To learn more about the product, please visit

About Entropik

Entropik is a leading Human Insights company founded in 2016. They enable research, marketing, and product teams to move towards a more continuous, collaborative, agile, and scalable way to capture user feedback research by democratizing research and insights data across the organization. Headquartered in Bengaluru, the company has a business presence across the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Entropik's AI-powered Integrated Market Research Platform provides a research platform covering Quant, Qual, Behaviour Analytics, Video Interviews & Self Captures with an integrated panel under one umbrella. It caters to 150+ global clients across sectors such as Telecom, BFSI, Media, CPG, FMCG, and Entertainment, among others. The company has 17 global patent claims in the arena of Multimodal Emotion AI technologies like Facial Coding, Eye Tracking, and Voice AI. Entropik has won many awards and accolades, such as the Amazon AI Award 2018, and has been quoted by Gartner as one of India's 'Top 5 Cool Vendors in AI'. For more information, please visit:

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