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Entropik Wins ‘Deep Tech Startup of the Year’ at SaaSBoomi Awards

Entropik Tech has won the "Deep Tech Startup of the Year" award at the SaaSBOOMi Awards, recognizing the company's innovation and impact in the tech industry.

February 23, 2023
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Entropik Tech, one of the leading companies in the Emotion AI space, bagged the ‘Deep Tech Startup of the Year’ award at the inaugural event of the SaaSBOOMi Awards.
Entropik Tech, founded in 2016 by Ranjan Kumar, Lava Kumar, and Bharat Shekhawat. The company envisions a tech world, which is not just artificially intelligent but also emotionally perceptive. This award is testimony to bringing our sci-fi dreams into reality.
“Being the winner of Deep Tech startup of the year is special for two reasons. First, for the Deep Tech category as started with this promise of being an IP led product organization, and hence to be recognized for what was aspired is very special to us. Second, it is awarded by SaaSBooMi – an amazing body of SaaS founders, and mentors, who are shaping India’s SaaS Industry, “ says Ranjan Kumar, CEO & Founder at Entropik.

Entropik was nominated in the Deep Tech Startup of the Year category, along with four other companies nominated i.e. Agara, Haptik,, and The Deep Tech category aims to recognize and reward deserving Indian SaaS ventures that solve Deep Tech problems through extensive R&D and innovative solutions that they have commercialized or intend to commercialize.

The first stage of the SaaSBOOMi Awards awarding process includes nomination, where five finalists are selected out of 200 AI Companies through a transparent procedure, and the jury deliberates on the finalists to pick a winner via a voting mechanism. Finally, the winner is announced!

“We were excited to be awarded in the Deep Tech space, we are elated to be competing with an incredible set of companies solving unique business problems using AI. This award is a testament to all the hard work that the team has put in. The team at Entropik is the main thriving force behind making the vision a reality. Especially in the Deep Tech space, the challenges are plenty and the team persevered at every single step in building the technology stack that is accurate, efficient, agile, and scalable.” says Lava Kumar, Founder & CPO at Entropik.
“Deep Tech is very close to our heart; when we started Entropik Tech, we focused on technological innovations that would disrupt the industry and yield a more efficient way for brands to understand the consumers at scale. We felt a dearth of real-world data to make decisions and felt that the existing ways of making decisions can be augmented. Winning the SaaSBooMi Awards for Deep Tech has further cemented our reputation as an industry leader in the Emotion AI space.” said Bharat Shekhawat, Co-Founder & Head of Engineering.
SaaSBOOMi is a community of product builders, and SaaS Founders who are shaping India’s SaaS industry. Finding its origins in 2015, SaasBOOMi now has around 800 companies active in their Community.

About Entropik Tech
Entropik is the world’s premier Emotion AI platform, offering AI-enabled emotion recognition technologies. Entropik’s proprietary Consumer Insights platform – Affect Insights – allows brands to measure consumer’s subconscious preferences toward Marketing, Brand, and Product experiences. Currently, Entropik provides behavioral insights to over 150 enterprise clients in Telecom, BFSI, Media, CPG, FMCG, and Entertainment industries worldwide. Headquartered in India, the company has a business presence across the EU, North America,Middle East, and SE Asia.

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