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Entropik’s Emotion AI Tech Enabling Global Brands Decode How Customers Feel About Them

Entropik's Emotion AI technology helps global brands to decode how customers feel about them by measuring emotions and cognitive responses.

February 23, 2023
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Consumers’ cognitive responses and behaviour towards brand elements, communication and marketing Ads have a significantly greater influence on their purchase intent. While customers may not realize that their emotions drive their purchases, research indicates that 95% of shopping decisions are emotion-driven. Brands know that a key to develop and maintain a loyal customer base is by decoding consumer emotions.

However, traditional consumer research methods offer stated responses and fail to deliver real-time and unbiased emotion insights. Besides, post-pandemic companies are looking for online, consumer-centric, large-scale, contactless, and qualitative market surveys to delve deep into consumers’ minds.

“Understanding exactly what the consumer needs is an age-old problem, but methods to address this haven’t evolved as much. We wanted to bring about a distinct qualitative and quantitative change in the way brands were being perceived and understood by consumers, and relay this feedback to brands so they can develop more effective campaigns for their target audience,” says Ranjan Kumar, CEO, and Founder, Entropik Tech.

Find the full article on the National AI Portal of India, INDIAai. The publication features Entropik’s ability to derive in-depth insights into consumer’s emotions to power consumer research like never before.

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