How Entropik Tech helps brands tap into Emotion AI and Conversation Intelligence technologies

The article highlights how Entropik Tech helps brands leverage emotion AI and conversation intelligence technologies to understand their customers better.



June 12, 2024


In this remote-first world, digital channels have become an integral part of our communication. Instead of in-person conversations, we communicate via chat messages or video calls these days. We have become accustomed to browsing through online shopping sites, and if we require any help with our experience or purchases, we turn to chatbots. Our exposure to AI has increased double folds in the last two years, and with it, so are our challenges.

But what if the technology can help optimize our communication rather than hamper it? Emotion AI has been doing just that. Entropik Tech's flagship products (Affect Lab, Affect UX, and Affect API) are built with emotion intelligence capabilities like Facial coding, Brainwave mapping, and Eye tracking technologies. They detect and interpret both verbal and nonverbal signals and turn them into actionable insights to help brands connect emotionally with their consumers.  

And, with its recent launch of Decode, a conversation intelligence platform built with Voice Tonality, Transcription & NLP, and other Emotion AI capabilities, Entropik Tech is taking Emotion AI capabilities to the masses. To know more about it, listen to Lava Kumar, Co-founder, and CPO, on the Forbes India Tech podcast.

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