Validate product decisions early by prototype testing with user feedback

Test prototypes, wireframes and product designs prior to development with real user feedback so you can create user experiences  that delight!

Developers spend 50% of their time fixing issues that could have been avoided with early testing!

Keep your users at the center, and guesswork at bay

Continuous user feedback

Test your product prototype designs early and often to incorporate continuous user feedback throughout the product lifecycle.

Design, test, iterate faster

Test single or multiple prototypes Be it low or high fidelity, static or clickable easily so you can iterate at a much faster pace.

Integrate with ease

Seamlessly integrate with your favorite design tools to test your prototypes and wireframes with real users.

See what your users see

Identify what catches your users’ attention, and what they ignore so you can create superior user journeys.

Get your prototypes
tested the right way


reduction in
Research TAT


savings in
Development Time


Increase in
CSAT Score

Prototype Testing Metrics

Facial Coding Metrics
  • Attention = Visual Appeal (0-100)
  • Engagement = Comprehension (0-100)
  • +ve Emotions = Happiness, Surprise
  • -ve Emotions = Anger, Fear, Sadness, Contempt
Eye Tracking Metrics
  • Time to Discover = Area of Interest (AOI)
  • Earned Attention = Focus Levels on AOI
  • % People Watched = Out of Total Testers
  • Exposure Time Duration = Time Spent on AOI

How to Set Up Prototype Testing?


Upload Prototype

Upload wireframes, images or public URLs of the prototype.


Define Tasks and Surveys

Choose tasks and survey questions for screening, pre-survey and post-survey.


Add Tester Panel

Choose from our panel of 60mn+ respondents or integrate your own panel and launch your project.


Analyze insights faster

Gather actionable insights as and when your testers complete their tasks.

Test your prototypes, at every stage

Low Fidelity Testing
Low Fidelity Testing

Test your Lo-fi prototypes at the earliest stages of the design process because the earlier you get user feedback, the better.

High fidelity Testing

As a step to truly validate your final design iteration, test your hi-fi prototype and uncover any hidden usability issues.

A/B Prototype Testing

Pit your final prototype designs against one another to test which one performs better with your users.

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