Decoding Eyes and Faces: The New Science of Consumer Behavior

Entropik Tech discusses the new science of consumer behavior, enabled by advanced eye-tracking and facial recognition technologies.



June 12, 2024


Did you know that 80% of brand executives believe that they understand their consumers' emotional desires and needs, while only 15% of consumers agree? Yes! This flagrant disconnect in brands striking an emotional connection with customers deters businesses from creating rich and resonating digital experiences.


Evoking the right emotions and feelings is critical. That's because consumers are no longer compelled merely by sale signs and discounts. They're looking for personalized, immersive, and emotionally resonating experiences. Customers expect brands to possess contextual awareness about their preferences and needs.


That's where the ability to tap into the potential of consumer emotions to derive actionable intelligence can prove game-changing for brands.  "As an offshoot of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Emotional Intelligence uses facial mapping, eye tracking, & other experience measurement data points to gain insight into the natural reactions of online users. Just as one might read someone's body language or facial expressions to gauge their response to a real-life conversation, EI can collect multi-modal data & immediately connect it to tell that story digitally," writes Ranjan Kumar, CEO & Founder of Entropik Tech.

Curious to know how Entropik Tech is revolutionizing the arena by helping brands deliver emotionally rich customer experiences? Read the full article penned by Ranjan Kumar, CEO, and Founder of Entropik Tech, published on RTInsights here.

RTInsights is an expert-driven, independent web resource delivering intensive research-backed market insights and analysis on real-time analytics, including the IoT, Big Data, and cognitive computing.




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