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Decoding Money Heist Season 5 Trailer Using Emotion AI Insights

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July 28, 2023
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Over The Top (OTT) content providers are in a constant tug of war to pique viewers’ attention. As OTT content consumption surges like never before, streaming giants are adding millions of followers every year. And every piece of new content counts, including trailers that pack the essence of the series or movies awaited, leaving viewers to want more. Today no OTT giant offers ‘OK’ content, viewers’ attention is sacred, and mining gripping content is a must. Our OTT trailer review strives to unveil unstated emotions audiences underwent while watching the newly dropped OTT material. In this age of competitive intensity in the OTT industry, we’re decoding trailers from an Emotion AI perspective. With so much attention pouring its way, here’s our deep dive into Money Heist Season 5 Trailer using Emotion AI Insights.

Money Heist Season 5’s two-minute-long trailer kicks off with the legendary La Casa de Papel gang trapped in the Bank of Spain, marking the conclusion of the greatest heist in history. From the Professor’s exhilarating dialogue, it’s possible this is the last time I speak to you,” a blink-and-miss flashback moment featuring Tokyo, a war where all hell breaks loose, to an “explosive” ending, this powerful, action-packed trailer had it all.

Money Heist: Part 5 Vol. 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

To uncover the underlying emotions of viewers while watching the trailer, Entropik deployed its Emotion AI Insights using Affect Lab. The clip filled to the brim with heart-thumping and unpredictable scenes amassed a solid focus and attention with a score of 66.56.

TG Money Heist Respondent Information

While the attention score remained pretty consistent throughout the video, the engagement levels witnessed peaks and dips and reached an average score of 11.84. The promo landed an Affect Lab score of 35.81.

In addition, while the gang in red reels from losing one of their closest and best, Nairobi, the engagement score took a hit due to her absence. Similarly, a no-show from Berlin and Nairobi who died in the previous Money Heist seasons could have also lowered the overall engagement of the promo.

Let’s Get Decoding Emotions!  

Overall, the season 5 trailer garnered 67.16% positive emotions, including Surprise, Thrill, and Happy. In contrast, 29.9% of negative emotions were recorded, comprising Sad, Disappointment, and Boring. The below pie chart reveals that 2.93% of neutral emotions were also picked.

The average positive and negative emotions across the clip’s duration remained low at 3.73 and 1.59, respectively. Besides, the Emotion spread throughout the trailer indicates that the clip deftly piqued interest and curiosity in viewers to make them more excited and hooked for watching the latest season.  

Affective Metrics Distribution of Money Heist Season 5 Trailer

From 43rd to 60th second, when the gang is faced with a perplexing and devastating situation as the Professor is captured and the cops have decided to utilize the army’s advantage to trap them, viewers emote Sadness and Anger.

Anger emotions peak at the 47th second at 4.8 and the 62nd second where viewers anticipate the war where the gang “…will come out victorious or dead” garners sadness emotions at a high 6.2.

According to Entropik’s post-survey response, 68% of viewers responded being “thrilled” during the trailer. The trailer, loaded with copious twists and turns, predominantly garnered emotions of surprise, sadness, happiness, and anger. Insights reveal that since the Professor was compromised, fans were positively surprised watching Lisbon call the shots against the military attack at the 60-second mark.

Sequence-By-Sequence Emotion Analysis

Now, let’s decrypt the peaks, valleys, and trenches of emotions throughout the clip sequence-by-sequence

While quantifying the viewers’ attention and engagement, we divided the 115-second-long promo into six sequences. Here, the attention score remained continually high at 66.67, 66.65, 66.56, 66.79, 66.58, and 66.57, respectively.

Tokyo Held Captive?!  

The clip’s first 16 seconds, which includes glimpses of Helsinki carrying Nairobi’s body and Tokyo talking about “losing a best friend,” at the 7th-second collect lower engagement.

As Tokyo is trapped, the gang deals with losing Nairobi, and Sierra discovers the Professor’s hideout from where he leads the gang; viewers get a glimpse of where the last season was left hanging and where this season will pick up.

Professor Chained Down, Gang Loosing Hope!

The sequence that follows, especially the timeframe of 19-25 seconds, blows viewers’ minds and registers a watched percentage of 87.90%. The sequence from the 16th-52nd seconds features the Professor chained and confined records anger emotions at 1.35 and happy emotions at 4.62. The scene where the Professor talks to the team and delivers an agonizing dialogue, “it’s possible this is the last time I speak to you,” garner better engagement levels.

Here, at the 20th second, when Lisbon contacts the Professor and Sierra answers much to the gang’s surprise and horror, viewers emote a high engagement of 14.93. In this sequence, starting at the 32nd second, as viewers watch the military assemble to surround the gang for an epic war, attention levels rise from 66.11 to 67.06, and engagement fluctuates.

Engagement witnesses an upswing from the 39th second to the 41st and drops again when Sierra ties the Professor up in chains to toss him off an elevated height. The electrifying sequence has prompted some serious questions on Professor’s fate in season 5.

The Gang Gears Up, Lisbon Leading The Gang

The sequence, from 53rd-67th seconds, logs a strong attention score of 66.56, along with an average engagement of 11.64. That’s when the gang finds themselves at the lowest and decides to fight back the military without the Professor. Here, the positive and negative emotions rise to 3.75 and 1.63, respectively.

From the 56th second, when Lisbon, another well-liked character, takes charge and says, “we’re up against the ropes, but we’re not going to end up in a morgue,” we can see the attention levels rising from 65.8 to 67.21 at the 61st second. Intriguingly, the sadness emotions peak during the sequence at 2.05 as the viewers watch the team grapple with harrowing circumstances.

On the other hand, from the 61st second, the engagement levels rise 11.1 to 14.3 at 65th second when Lisbon and the team gears up to fight back. In the 64-67 second mark, viewers’ attention and engagement levels dipped briefly to again rise when the full-blown war with bullets firing from both ends starts.

Interestingly, we observed that as the gang in red was prepping up for the battle (61-65 mark), putting on their masks, and packing ammunition, positive emotions peaked to an all-time high at the 64th second when the score reached 5.73. The percentage watched also remains high at 88.23.

Military vs. The Heist Gang

What began with a sketched-out robbery, when it reaches its penultimate scenes of a gun battle with every gang member’s life at stake, fascinatingly records happy emotions from the audience.

As the sadness levels remain almost negligible at 0.34, happiness reaches 5.31. Moreover, the positive emotions also rise to 4.03 as negative emotions stay at 1.56.  With a high visual appeal, the action scenes grip the viewers and record superior attention and engagement levels of 66.79 and 12.26. As a result, the AL score remains moderately strong at 34.38.

Berlin’s Voice Over

The snippet featuring Berlin and Tatiana with classy scenery backdropping them as they row away has stirred numerous fan theories amongst the viewer worldwide. But that’s not it! Berlin’s voiceover- from 78th-85th seconds also piques viewers’ attention and engagement.

The viewing percentage for the scene was the highest of all at 86.52%. Viewers speculated whether Berlin is still alive and if he would help the Professor escape and rescue the gang. Engagement levels peaked the highest at 13.31 for this sequence as the attention score rose to 66.58.

Moreover, respondents emoted mixed emotions watching Berlin as the sadness emotions were registered at 2.86 and happy emotions reached 3.76. The sequence recorded the highest Affect Lab score at 34.56 as Berlin narrates, “With me, you will find authentic liberation. And if we ever have to pay a price for it, then pay it”.

Never Surrender

The last sequence from 86th-98th seconds registered a percentage seen of 97% and watched of 86.47%. During the 86th-88th seconds when Tokyo is ceaselessly firing, and there are exciting visuals of the fight, the attention and engagement momentarily peak at 67.07 and 15.87, respectively. As the fight scenes continue till the end of the trailer, happy emotions rise to 4.79.

Here, the closing sequence recorded the average positive emotions at 3.73 and negative at 1.93. The overall attention and engagement also peaked at 66.57 and 12.91, respectively, along with a solid Affect Lab score of 34.49.

The sequence filled with dynamic, action-packed visuals of explosions, shooting, and the gang assembling against the army collect a happiness quotient of 8.6 at the 101st second. Even towards the end, as the release date, Money Heist logo, and Netflix logo appear on the screen, happiness emotions remain relatively higher.

Character Analysis

Now, let’s delve into who the most emotionally engaging character was for the respondents thrilled with the promo.

Bar Graph
Post survey questionnaire response indicating the favorite character of Money Heist

The Professor, played artfully by Alvaro Morte, remained an obvious choice, with nearly 50% of viewers voting for him. His character had a small but crucial screen presence in the trailer, and his consequential dialogue “It is possible this is the last time I speak to you” garnered high engagement. In the mind-boggling scene, viewers watch the Professor, the mastermind of all that goes down in the series, handcuffed and chained down by Sierra.

Call Out

Berlin remained the second favorite as 14% of respondents voted for him. Moreover, as per the sequence analysis, Berlin’s voiceover- highly engaged the viewers as a superior engagement level of 13.31 was recorded, which supersedes the score of 13.13 in the closing segment.

Following Berlin, Tokyo was the third preferred pick with 9% of respondents’ votes. Tokyo’s character garnered the highest engagement. When the trailer opens with her voiceover- and takes viewers to a scene where Tokyo is chained down from the 2nd-4th second, the visuals record strong engagement at 12.04.

Money Heist Call Out Tokyo Dialogue

When the trailer opens with a wide-angle shot and takes viewers to Tokyo restrained with chains, the scene records:

  • a solid attention level of 67.26
  • a relatively superior engagement rating of 13.99
  • a peak in positive emotions at a 4.26 score

Moreover, the Affect Lab score remained good at 34.9.

Insights indicate that viewers adjudged Tokyo as the most promising character while holding out hopes that she’d miraculously save the gang in the turbulent circumstances at the bank. Moreover, the surprise quotient rose to 1.54, and happy emotions peaked at 5.76.

With the Professor captured by Sierra and Lisbon leading the gang out of the Bank of Spain, the character played by Itziar Ituño also garnered 8% of votes.

The scene clocks up a 3.31 score of happy emotions and a strong attention level of 67.43. In contrast, the engagement score remained relatively low at 11.27, and so did the positive and negative emotions at 2.43 and 1.49 scores. This powerful scene where the team regroups without the Professor garners a decent AL score of 34.02.

Just like the surprise quotient peaked when Lisbon was at the helm in the bank, the heat map also reveals the same. Besides, according to post-survey responses, Rio is also the 4th favorite among the viewers, with 8% of the votes. This is due to his screen sharing with Tokyo that his scenes also logged good engagement.

Yes! A scene of intimacy between Tokyo and Rio garnered great attention and moderate engagement levels of 67.83 and 12.27.

  • Here, positive and negative emotions don’t rise significantly in this scene and reach 2.77 and 1.92, respectively.
  • AL score climbs up to 33.9. The overall earned attention was 2.24 sec.

“Bella Ciao”

The trailer for Money Heist created buzz, evoked anticipation, wonder, and thrill among viewers. Besides grabbing more than 4.9 million eyeballs on YouTube, the intense video created social media buzz hours within its release. The show’s popularity conveniently answers why the trailer was highly anticipated, even more so since the makers left the audience hooked and hanging in a cliffhanger season finale in 2020.

After the scenes loaded with all-powerful action and fights conclude, the most exciting piece of information arrives, reveals our emotion insights report. Yes! The engagement levels are recorded at the highest score of 17.43 when the release date of Money Heist Season 5 appears on the screen. Besides engaging the viewers, the scene also notched solid attention of 67.47. Here, the negative emotions crossed positive emotions by a minimal margin of 0.63. Positive emotions remained at 2.24, and negative remained higher at 2.87. As per Entropik’s insights, the AL score creeps up to 35.73.

As far as the overall Affect Lab score is concerned, it remained at a modest level of 35.81 for the promo. It reveals that while the visually charged, captivating action sequences, flashbacks, twists, and fights performed adeptly from a visual appeal standpoint, the engagement levels reached relatively lower ratings. The slightly sluggish engagement can be chalked up to the absence of much-loved, critical characters of Berlin and Nairobi.

Moreover, our Emotion AI insights reveal that since the respondents included regular watchers of the show and those clueless about the previous plot points, the latter half had difficulty connecting the dots. You can also check our OTT trailer review for Money Heist Season 5 Date Announcement clip here.

Liked our deep dive into the Money Heist Season 5 trailer?

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