Entropik Tech Launches World’s First Fully Self-Serve Interactive Shopper Research Offering

Entropik Tech launches the world's first fully self-serve interactive shopper research offering, which enables brands to understand shopper behavior.



June 12, 2024


A leader in pure-play Emotion AI, Entropik enables global brands augment their consumer research with behavioral insights to gain a deeper understanding of the consumer.

Bangalore, May 05, 2021: Entropik Tech, the world leader in Emotion AI, today announced the launch of the first-ever Interactive Shopper Research offering as a part of its Shopper Insights solution which enables retail brands to test in-store experiences for emotion-driven consumer insights. The company reinforced its position as an industry leader in the shopper research segment with the launch of this unique offering with two new features: virtual interactivity with consumers and 2D&3D Planogram testing.

As a pure-play self-service SAAS platform, Entropik is enabling global brands to continue consumer research in the virtual world triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak. Through its AI-first SaaS based technology platform, Entropik addresses a critical gap in the consumer insights and research industry. These new features will further enable Retail and CPG brands to improve their products and packaging by giving them aggregated responses from consumers in a self-service dashboard on a real-time basis. It will also help brands optimize their product and marketing spends to realign budgets for the new normal.

Emphasizing the significance of Emotion AI technologies for Retail, Ranjan Kumar, Founder, and CEO, Entropik Tech said “Keeping the current times in mind, retailers across the globe are preparing for the post-pandemic environment and redesigning stores to meet safety standards. As a brand, in-store is one of the key channels for any retail business. Be it a traditional store or modern trade; it is extremely crucial that the product packages stand out on shelves, are designed to be persuasive, and convey the right brand equity. Retail brands can leverage our interactive virtual planogram design technology to design better store layouts and product arrangements in line with the evolving consumer behavior and preferences.”

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In times of Covid-19, shopper research gained more prominence as brands wanted to understand the rapid shift in consumer behavior and loyalties that were unprecedented and never seen before. This compelled brands to test capabilities over a virtual and interactive in-store environment to continue with their shopper research.

“Entropik Tech has been a pioneer in the consumer research industry by implementing new AI technologies enabling brands and retailers to make data-driven decisions. Retailers and brands need all the innovation to sail through this pandemic successfully. In an effort towards that, we are launching a new shopper research offering that will help brands and retailers to create, test, and optimize planograms and packages at scale using real-time consumer behavior data in our SaaS platform,” said Lava Kumar, Founder, and CPO, Entropik Tech.

Moving forward this solution will enable brands to understand consumers using mobiles, laptops and other smart devices while leveraging voice sentiment technology along with Facial Coding and Eye-Tracking to gauge the subconscious consumer behavior.

Entropik Tech is expanding its global footprint by not only enabling global retail brands but also driving a seamless online shift for traditional consumer research companies. Entropik’s Emotion AI technologies capture consumers’ real-time response and emotions in an accurate, cost-effective, and scalablemanner at 4X faster turnaround times.
Global brands such as P&G, MARS, and Target Retail are already leveraging Entropik’s advanced Shopper Research platform to conduct consumer research remotely to deliver consumer-centric in-store shopper experiences.

About Entropik Tech

Entropik is the world’s premier Emotion AI platform, offering AI-enabled emotion recognition technologies. Entropik’s proprietary Consumer Insights platform – Affect Lab – allows brands to measure consumer’s subconscious preferences toward Marketing, Brand, and Product experiences. Entropik provides behavioral insights to over 150 enterprise clients in Telecom, BFSI, Media, CPG, FMCG, and Entertainment industries worldwide. Headquartered in India, the company has a business presence across the EU, North America, Middle East, and SE Asia.  https://entropiktech.com/

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