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Tech Updates for April 2024

What are the latest platform updates for Decode and Qatalyst for the month of April 2024? Read all about it here!

May 2, 2024
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Qatalyst and Decode are our Insights AI-powered user and consumer research platforms that allow you to understand what your users and consumers think about your product, beyond what they simply state.  

Here are a few key highlights of Qatalyst:

  • Unmoderated and moderated research blocks including 5 second study, card sorting, prototype testing, one-on-one interviews, and live website/app testing, and more.
  • Conduct mixed method research by combining unmoderated, moderated and task-based blocks along with the survey blocks to comprehensively understand your users’ experiences.
  • Get access to a panel of 80+ million respondents from across 120 countries.
  • Get user journey maps for your prototypes to understand how users interact with your product at every stage of their experience
  • Get transcriptions for 52 languages and translation for 110 languages.

And a few key highlights of Decode:

  • Get access to 25+ templates for a quick start to creating studies on Decode.
  • Conduct diary studies to understand consumer behaviors and preferences over an extended period of time.
  • Conduct one-on-one meetings, dyads, or triads to uncover nunanced insights and feedback from your target audience.
  • Conduct in-context research to understand how your creatives perform on social media platforms, to make data-driven decisions.  
  • Upload and search through past and present research data with Decode Co-pilot, your very own virtual assistant.

Qatalyst and Decode are ever-evolving products – Here are the updates we have for you this month.  

What’s new for Qatalyst and Decode in April 2024?


  • Segmentation for native panel management: Users can easily create and save segments based on their testing requirements. This allows them to target specific audience segments for better insights.
  • Face blurring: Available for the Sessions, Live Website Testing, and Video Responses, this allows for anonymous responses for compliance purposes. (Note: Once enabled, this option cannot be reversed)
  • Mobile app testing: Respondents can now take tests by scanning the QR code of the study using the Qatalyst Mobile App!
  • A few bug fixes regarding some blocks – you can see the full list of updates here!


Introducing our newest feature - Predictive Research! Now, you can upload images or videos to receive predicted Heatmaps and Fog Maps, along with key metrics like Attention, Focus, Clarity, and Percentage seen.  

Simply add this block from the research section, upload your content, and access data points shortly after that. Please note the following limitations: videos have a maximum upload limit of 2 minutes, image processing takes up to 3 minutes, 1-minute video processing takes about 20 minutes, and 2-minute video processing takes about 30 minutes.  

Read more about it here!

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