Tech Updates for May 2024

Discover the latest platform updates for Decode and Qatalyst for May 2024 right here!


Soham Saha


July 10, 2024

Decode and Qatalyst are our AI-powered consumer and user research platforms designed to provide deep insights into what your consumers and users think about your product beyond their stated opinions.

Here’s what’s new for Decode and Qatalyst for May 2024:

Decode Updates

1. Navigation Bar Update

  • We have updated the dashboard's sidebar with a fresh look to improve user visualization and ease of navigation.

2. Fog Maps in Decode Focus

  • Fog Maps help users visualize which areas of the creative/media are predicted to have gaze points; the remaining areas are covered in fog. Fog Maps are plotted using the predicted Gaze Points on top of the media. Using the Fog Map, you can better understand which areas are more visible and identify potential issues related to element visibility.

3. Create AOIs in Decode Focus

  • Users can now create Areas of Interest (AOIs) in Decode Focus (Predictive Eye Tracking) images and videos. This enhancement allows you to define specific areas for detailed analysis and associated metrics generated for these AOIs, providing deeper insights into user interactions.

4. Copy Hyperlinks from Chat in the Decode Live Mobile App

  • Users joining Decode live meetings from the mobile app can now copy hyperlinks from the chat and paste them into another browser tab. This improvement ensures that users can easily access shared links during live meetings.

5. Enhanced Moderator Experience

  • External moderators can now seamlessly participate in qualitative meetings without being Decode users. This update simplifies the process, allowing moderators from external organizations to join meetings smoothly and contribute effectively to the discussion and moderation tasks.

Qatalyst Updates

1. Enhanced Personalization

  • The new personalization feature empowers users to tailor their platform experience. You can now customize the platform with custom images, update logos and favicons for reports, and incorporate welcome and thank you block images for streamlined study creation. Additionally, you can personalize your co-pilot's name, adding a delightful personal touch to your experience.

2. New Field in Signup Option

  • Introduction of two new fields in the signup process, facilitating the inclusion of company name and phone number details.

3. Download Transcripts in the Chosen Language

  • Download transcripts effortlessly in your preferred language for enhanced accessibility and usability.

4. Teams

  • Create and navigate between different teams for enhanced organization and collaboration within the Qatalyst workspace.

Read more about it here!

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