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Emotion-recognition startup Entropik raises $25M - Read More
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Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar Report

Entropik Tech's Radar Report analyzes emerging technologies and trends such as Emotion AI, AR/VR, and IoT, and their impact on various industries.

February 23, 2023
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Entropik Tech, world’s leading Emotion AI company, announced that it has been named ‘Emotion AI Sample Vendor’ in the 2021 Gartner ® Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar report.

According to this edition of the Gartner report, emerging technologies are expected to enable product leaders responsible for personal devices to advance the user experience and ultimately differentiate their products from competitors, “The advancements that could be reached with emotion AI technology are high as adding emotion detection to certain experiences, for example, a virtual assistant, could be a real game changer. It makes human-machine interaction more human-acceptable.”

A pioneer in the industry, Entropik Tech specializes in integrating emotion measurement technologies into consumer research and helping brands look through the lens of consumers to decode their emotional responses using Cognitive and Behavioral Metrics and get actionable insights in real-time.

“Over 95% of purchase decision making takes place in the subconscious mind, and emotions drive it. This is a crucial insight, and for the past six years, Entropik Tech has been working with leading global businesses who capitalize on these to deliver superlative CX. We help brands preview how their experiences connect with consumers and analyze the emotional responses they evoked in them. Using Emotion Analytics, brands optimize their products and services and improve their ability to engage consumers emotionally. And relate to them strongly, which, in turn, enables them to enhance their ROIs significantly,” says Ranjan Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder of Entropik Technologies.

The report also noted: “The impact is high — despite being an emerging technology, emotion AI already finds very broad application across different industries, business functions and use cases, making it a high-impact emerging technology. Industries include financial/insurance, automotive, consumer products, tourism and public sector (e.g., education). Business functions include market research, customer service/contact centers, human resources and product management. Emotion AI is probably one of the most versatile technologies as it can support a very diverse set of use cases.”

Entropik Tech reads consumers’ non-verbal communication and emotional cues to help organizations adopt a more intelligent approach to cater to consumers and improve their overall business performance. The company helps brands across industries to gain a deeper understanding of their consumers by translating complex human emotions into actionable insights that empower brands to build better experiences.

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