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Emerging Technology Trends in HR to watch out for in 2021

Entropik Tech highlights emerging technology trends in HR to watch out for in 2021, including the use of Emotion AI for employee engagement and well-being.

February 23, 2023
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Emotion AI has the power to revolutionize the workplace of the future.

While the Covid-19 pandemic sent jolts through multiple industries worldwide, it also changed the way people function. With most people working from home, a plethora of opportunities have presented themselves before the hiring personnel and human resource management. From virtual meetings to virtual hiring, these pandemic-led transformations in the workplace domain are here to stay.

The use of digital tracking, contactless hiring, virtual reality, remote workplace systems, and more are taking over conventional office setups across the world. These changes, however, miss the mark by just one thing: human emotions. Emotion AI technologies hold the key by having the ability to compensate for the lack of human touch and the absence of brimming workspaces. Emotion recognition has the power to revolutionize the workplace of the future.

Here’s the entire article authored by Ranjan Kumar, Founder, CEO, Entropik Tech, focusing on the disruptive technologies that will shape workplaces in years to come, published in Financial Express’s print editions. Financial Express, Indian Express Group’s business daily, runs in India since 1961.

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