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Comprehensive Use Cases for Effective CX Research

Concept Testing

Evaluate new product ideas or features before they are fully developed to understand how potential users perceive the concept and whether it meets their needs.

Who is it for?

Product managers and marketing teams who want to gauge interest and viability early in the development process.

Content Testing 

Assess how well your content communicates its intended message and engages users, ensuring clarity, relevance, and impact.

Who is it for?

Content creators, marketers, and UX designers aiming to optimize content for target audiences.

Prototype Testing

Evaluate early versions of a product to identify usability issues and gather user feedback, allowing for iterative improvements before final development.

Who is it for?

UX designers, product managers, and developers looking to refine functionality and user experience.

Live Website/App Testing

Assess the performance and usability of a live website/app to identify real-time issues such as navigation problems or loading times.

Who is it for?

Web developers, UX designers, and digital marketers focused on enhancing user satisfaction and website performance.

Wireframe Testing

Examine the basic layout and structure of a website or application before any visual design is applied to validate navigation and layout concepts early in the design process.

Who is it for?

UX designers and product teams wanting to ensure intuitive and effective user flow and interface.

Product Insights

Gather in-depth feedback about a product's overall user experience, features, and performance to understand user satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.

Who is it for?

Product managers, UX researchers, and marketing teams aiming to drive product enhancements and strategic decisions.

Copy Testing

Evaluate the effectiveness of written content, such as headlines, product descriptions, and calls to action, to ensure messaging resonates with the target audience and drives desired actions.

Who is it for?

Marketers, copywriters, and content strategists crafting compelling and persuasive content.

Feedback & Sentiment Analysis

Collect and analyze user opinions and emotional responses to understand user satisfaction, pain points, and overall sentiment.

Who is it for?

Customer service teams, product managers, and UX researchers improving user experience and addressing concerns.

Journey Mapping

Visualize the user's experience from start to finish, highlighting key touchpoints and interactions to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement.

Who is it for?

UX designers, product managers, and customer experience teams optimizing the entire user journey.

New Product Research

Gather user feedback and market data to inform the development of new products, ensuring they meet user needs and market demands.

Who is it for?

Product managers, market researchers, and innovation teams guiding product development and reducing the risk of failure.

Idea Validation

Test the viability and potential success of new product ideas or features before significant resources are invested to understand if the idea resonates with the target audience.

Who is it for?

Product managers, and innovation teams making informed decisions and prioritizing development efforts.

Product Launch Interviews

Gather user feedback and insights during the launch phase of a new product through moderated interviews to understand user reactions and identify any immediate issues.

Who is it for?

Marketing teams, product managers, and customer support teams refining marketing strategies and supporting product rollouts.

Technologies Used

Facial Coding 

Capture nuanced facial responses for 7+ distinct emotions for comprehensive insights into user engagement and satisfaction levels. 

Generative AI

Gain real-time, actionable insights from auto-generated user journeys and detailed transcriptions & translations.

Eye Tracking 

Uncover user behavior patterns precisely through eye-tracking technology, complemented by detailed heatmaps that visualize user attention and interaction patterns. 

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