Supercharge your sales with AI-powered insights

Surviving the fierce competition in the retail industry demands constant innovation. Leverage AI-driven shopper testing to get inside the minds of your customers and truly transform shopper experiences.

On average, your customers have 12 choices for the same product. And they make 95% of their purchase decisions subconsciously. We help you understand their likes and dislikes.

Beat competition with
AI-powered insights

Achieve actionability without compromising speed

Lift the noticeability factor of various elements through continuous testing of product information and placement.

Unlock unbiased insights

Measure overall customer satisfaction score and uncover with automated path to purchase testing.

Interactive research elements

Improve sales and conversion on our virtual shopper research platform with interactive elements.

Boost research scalability and collaboration

Easy use of webcams and screen recordings for seamless online shopper testing.

Deliver shopping experiences that convert


reduction in
research TAT


savings in customer acquisition cost


decrease in
drop-off rates

Shopper Research Metrics

Facial Coding Metrics
  • Attention = Visual Appeal (0-100)
  • Engagement = Comprehension (0-100)
  • +ve Emotions = Happiness, Surprise
  • -ve Emotions = Anger, Fear, Sadness, Contempt
Eye Tracking Metrics
  • Time to Discover = Area of Interest (AOI)
  • Earned Attention = Focus Levels on AOI
  • % People Watched = Out of Total Testers
  • Exposure Time Duration = Time Spent on AOI

How to set up a shopper test


Upload stimulus

For in-store shopper testing, upload creatives/concepts, 2D/3D pack designs, planograms, Point of Sale system, or store walkthroughs.

For online shopper testing, upload a URL.
Upload the link to your live website, app, or prototype.


Create virtual shelves

Create and customize virtual planograms, and easily drag and drop products.


Define task/survey

Define shopping tasks and choose screening/survey questions.


Add tester panel

Choose from Entropik’s online panel of 60 million+ testers or integrate your own panel.

Perform shopper testing, at every stage

Package and planogram testing
Package and planogram testing

Test 2D/3D package design variants against competitor packaging. Compare the efficacy of shelf design variants. Precisely measure on-shelf and shelf placement noticeability and persuasiveness.

360-degree retail walkthrough

Test various store layout configurations to identify high and low engagement zones. Create a virtual retail environment by adding interactive features like “Add to Cart” to understand shoppers' purchase intent better.

Path to purchase insights

Screen record online buyer journeys for path-to-purchase insights. Understand UI/UX interactions to identify purchase triggers. Test the efficacy of product and ad/banner placement by defining tasks and measuring the time taken for noticeability.

Product listing analysis

Analyze the persuasiveness of your product listing by measuring attention and engagement in detail.