Onboarding Survey Template

User onboarding proving to be a challenge? Improve your on-boarding flow experience and encourage user participation with this survey template on Qatalyst.

Kham Chakhap
September 13, 2023
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What is an Onboarding Survey?

Onboarding surveys are used by businesses to understand the needs of a new client and ensure they have the information required to work together. Once a client comes on board, an onboarding experience is the first step of building customer loyalty. It is an effective way to build confidence in your product through asking the right questions and gathering user insights. This also ensures the experience is aligned to user needs and product flows are improved accordingly.

Onboarding surveys are typically questionnaires to capture user experience about the product usage and any additional feedback they might have. Using a template for the survey makes the process easier while saving time.

Benefits of using an Onboarding Survey

Collect Relevant Data: Creating a well-designed onboarding survey ensures the right data is collection to correctly assess user needs and preferences. This data can contribute to marketing and product development efforts to ensure alignment with a user and their related business.

Improve User Experience: Onboarding surveys can also be used to familiarize a client with your product. A thoughtful onboarding survey can bring in the right user feedback which improves product flows and user experience.

Increase Product Adoption: It follows that a user with a good experience of your product would have a better impression of your brand. Identifying the challenges after a survey and making the necessary course correction would also contribute to make the user experiences better, leading to increased adoption of your product.

Build Customer Loyalty: Templatizing an onboarding experience builds client confidence by showing smooth operation of processes. Users can also be familiarized to products through onboarding surveys.

Consistent process/ Customization: Having a survey template standardizes your survey process by ensuring similar support is extended to all new users. This also gives you time to focus on customized and more relevant user issues by eliminating the need for creating each process from scratch.


What does an Onboarding Survey Template include?

Below is an advanced onboarding survey template in Entropik’s Qatalyst containing 5 different questions blocks for you to learn, improve, and streamline your onboarding flow. It already includes sample survey questions which are further customizable according to requirements.

How to use this Onboarding Survey Template?

Follow the steps below to conduct an onboarding survey with Qatalyst:

Step 1: Log in to the Qatalyst platform to access the homepage of the dashboard.

Step 2: Select Start from Templates button to get predefined templates option.

Step 3: Select Idea Validation on the left panel followed by the template Improve your on-boarding flow experience.

Step 4: Select Use This Template button on the dialog box (refer image above) to get started.

Step 5: Use the different predefined blocks on the left to create a simple study. It can also be customized further by adding, deleting, and rearranging blocks.

Step 6: Click on the panel on the right to choose layouts and block properties.

Step 7: Click on Linear Scale block to add your question on ease of product use along with an optional block description. Alternatively, add the predefined sample question: How easy was it to get started with [product]?

Step 8: Click on Short Question blocks to add your questions regarding user journey, difficulty about getting started and user suggestions. Add optional block descriptions for all. Alternatively, add the predefined sample question available.

Step 9: Click on Context Screen block to add a relevant situational information for the users. In this case, you can use a predefined “thank you” note.

Once a test is set up, click on Publish and share the test with internal or external respondents through a test link or QR code.

Best practices for Onboarding Surveys

1. Short and sweet: While a comprehensive survey might provide a lot of information, it can also cause users to drop out and not finish the survey due to sheer boredom and annoyance. The idea is to make an onboarding survey as short and to the point as possible.

2. Avoid biased or vague questions: Biased or unreliable data take away the objective of a survey where you are trying to find relevant answers. Neutral language should be used, and assumptions should be avoided to ensure data is not biased. Questions should be specific and should not be too open-ended to avoid vague answers which might be pointless.

3. Gather qualitative and quantitative data: Blocks like Linear scale and Multiple-Choice Questions are quantifiable and close-ended and help gather specific user feedback. On the other hand, short answer blocks tend to be more open-ended in nature and help researchers gain more detailed context. Together, both these methods provide a comprehensive view of user experience.

4. Test the survey: Before launching a test, ensure questions are reviewed and tested by a small group. This ensures the survey works as intended and gives a preview of how the survey is going to work once it goes live.

5. Iterate and Improve: Based on test feedback (internal/external), there should be continuous changes and improvements in place to ensure users have a seamless experience.


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Want to conduct lean and unbiased research? Try out Entropik's tech behavioral research platform today!
Want to conduct lean and unbiased research? Try out Entropik's tech behavioral research platform today!
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