Eye Tracking

Measure and quantify human attention by capturing eye gaze movements via webcams and smartphone cameras. A patented eye tracking tech powered by AI and Advanced Machine Learning.

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Eye Tracking Made Easy
and Scalable

Eye Tracking makes it easy and scalable to get deep human insights via eye gaze movements. Measure human attention and engagement levels with more than 95% accuracy.

Camera Based Capture

Unlike infrared based hardware eye trackers, we use computer vision to capture eye tracking data via webcams and smartphone cameras.

Explicit Calibration

To ensure maximum accuracy in natural settings, calibration is done before every capture with minimum instructions and no moderation.

Mobile Eye Tracking

Capture attention and engagement levels of mobile users with more than 95% accuracy in both controlled and wild environments.

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Advantages of Entropik
Tech's Eye Tracking

Accessible and Scalable

Our camera-based eye tracking technology works equally well on smartphone cameras as well as webcams to capture eye movements as quantified data. Without hardware dependencies, it is easier to scale research across your organization.

Faster Turnaround Time

The Eye Gaze data is captured completely online and in real-time, with zero hardware involvement. This means, you can get eye tracking insights on your web, app or prototypes 6X faster.

High Level Accuracy

We have achieved more than 90% accuracy in capturing eye movements and fixation data in natural settings by just using commercial grade webcams and smartphone cameras. No more eye trackers or lab equipments.

How does it work?

Here's how simple and easy it is to leverage our camera based eye tracking technology to capture eye gaze data, with no additional hardware or technical expertise.


Turn on Camera

Give necessary permissions to use your webcam or smartphone camera to capture your eye gaze movements.



Align your face with the camera as guided by the calibration box, which turns green once calibration is complete.


Capture Data

Allow your facial expressions to be captured during the pre-defined task. No PII is captured at this point.


Combine With

To extract deeper human insights, combine Eye Tracking with Facial Coding and Voice AI technologies seamlessly.

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