Entropik raises $25 million - Read More
Emotion-recognition startup Entropik raises $25M - Read More
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Facial Coding

Our patented Facial Coding technology enables brands to measure and quantify human emotions by capturing facial expressions using webcams and smartphone cameras. This helps brands get accurate data on what captures a person's attention and what engages them in real- time.

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Facial Emotion Recognition Made Easy and Scalable

Facial Coding makes it easy and scalable to get deep human insights via facial expressions. Measure human emotions and engagement levels with more than 90% accuracy.

Single Face Emotion

Recognize emotions of individual people in one-on-one sessions like video conferencing, in-depth interviews and video calls.

Multi Face Emotion

Recognize emotions of multiple people at once in group sessions like video conferencing, focus group discussions and video calls.

Recorded Video
Emotion Analysis

Recognize emotions of people in recorded videos like ads, YouTube videos, TV shows, trailers, movies and more.

50 Million+

video minutes processed


Ads tested


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enterprise customers across the globe


global patents on Emotion AI

World's largest

repository of emotion benchmark data

Advantages of Entropik
Tech's Facial Coding

Highest Facial Coding Accuracy

More than 90% accuracy in accurately measuring all the universally accepted human emotions i.e. Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Contempt, Fear, Disgust, Surprise and Neutral. Lab-level accuracy despite using a webcam for data capture.

No Hardware Required

In Facial Coding, all you need is a webcam or smartphone camera to capture facial expressions as quantified data. Perform facial emotion recognition at scale as there is no logistical overhead or additional hardware involved.

Faster Turnaround Time

The capture of facial expressions takes place completely online and in real-time. In addition, zero hardware involvement eliminates the time and resources involved in the logistics otherwise, thus increasing the turnaround time marginally.

How does it work?

Here's how simple and easy it is to leverage our facial coding technology to capture and analyze facial expressions, with no additional hardware or technical expertise.


Turn on Camera

The test user gives the necessary permissions to use their webcam or smartphone camera to capture facial expressions.



Test user watches the stimuli provided or undertakes the pre-defined tasks while the camera measures their facial expressions.


Capture Data

The Facial Coding technology captures even the most nuanced facial expressions of the test user as they interact with the stimuli.


Join forces

To extract deeper human behavioral insights, combine Facial Coding with Eye Tracking and Voice AI technologies seamlessly.

Learn about the origins and science of Facial Coding

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“The future looks exciting as we scale our Open Innovation partnership with Entropik ”

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“With strategic collaboration over 3 years, Entropik’s Emotion AL IP has incredible potential to redefine user experiences for digital apps and enhance marketing effectiveness for consumer-facing companies across Banking, Retail, Utilities & other industries. The future looks exciting as we scale our Open Innovation partnership with Entropik.”

“Entropik delves into the subconscious and helps explain brand messaging impacts better ”

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“It’s imperative for marketers to employ an intelligent mix of traditional research and technologically advanced solutions. Entropik delves into the subconscious and helps explain brand messaging impacts better. Their methodologies for Ad testing help us tap into consumer’s emotions and use those insights to create memorable and engaging TVCs.”

“A 35% increase in content consumption after optimising our UX and Content with Entropik ”

“Entropik Tech allows us the opportunity to include learnings from the subconscious mapping of our readers with quick testing. We have seen a 35% increase in content consumption after we started optimizing our UX and Content.”