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Convert speech to text for instant transcriptions of audio/video recordings. Identify, measure and quantify emotions in human voice. A proprietary speech emotion recognition technology powered by Emotion AI, ML, and NLP.

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Speech Recognition Made Smarter and Scalable

Our automatic speech recognition technology is easy and scalable to generate accurate transcriptions in real-time. Without any additional hardware, you can also identify the emotions hidden in voice tonalities.

Reliable Transcriptions

Our speech-to-text conversion happens in real-time and is more than 95% accurate, to be reliably used in scale, especially in Qualitative Research.

Emotion Recognition

Leverage the science of AI, Machine Learning and NLP to measure and quantify the emotions hidden in voice tonalities and speech acoustics.

Zero Hardware

Either use live audio from phone/video calls or upload calls recorded from normal laptop/mobile microphones. You don't need any additional hardware.


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Advantages of Entropik's Voice AI

Instant Transcriptions

You get real-time transcriptions of audio recordings with our technology with more than 95% accuracy. These transcripts are also assigned a timestamp and marked against the different people in the audio. However, no PII is captured.

Speech Emotion Analysis

Along with speech to text, our Voice AI technology goes one step further to analyze subtle emotions hidden in speech acoustics and voice tonality. And measures, quantifies as well as classifies voice variations into 7 universal emotions.

Accessible and Scalable

In order to access Entropik Tech's Voice AI technology, you don't need any additional hardware. All you have to do is turn on your microphone and record your voice. Or just upload an mp3 of your old audio recordings.

How does it work?

Here's how simple and easy it is to leverage our Voice AI technology to get instant transcriptions and speech emotion analytics.


Provide Voice Recordings

Turn on necessary microphone recordings to capture your voice or uploaded mp3 files of pre-recorded audio recordings.


Get Live Transcriptions

Get accurate transcriptions populated instantly with timestamps against the different voices heard in the audio.


Get Emotion Insights

Get emotion insights of voice recordings for each individual and summarize these emotions as positive, negative and neutral.


Combine With

To extract deeper human insights, combine Voice AI with Facial Coding and Eye Tracking technologies.

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