Entropik raises $25 million - Read More
Emotion-recognition startup Entropik raises $25M - Read More
Entropik's success story continues! - Read More

What is Decode?

Decode is an AI-powered Online, Scalable, DIY Qualitative Research Platform.

What does it do?

Decode converts conversations into actionable data by transcribing live or pre-recorded sessions and highlighting key sections, facilitating seamless collaboration across teams.

Who is it for?

Decode can be leveraged by any industry, by marketing, product, research, and design teams, to conduct agile research and build better products.

How does it help?

Decode helps you gain unbiased insights by analyzing voice tonality and facial cues to truly understand your customers’ interests and engagement levels.

How does Decode work?


Talk to your customers using Decode Live or upload pre-recorded meetings.

Get transcripts for live meetings with speaker identification.

Improve searchability by identifying key moments in the meeting and tagging those moments with predefined notes, action items, and risks.


Integrate your conversations across several platforms with built-in API connectors.

Create a Library by grouping conversations logically, driving aggregated insights.

View all meetings across all platforms in a single unified dashboard.


Search becomes easy with Decode, using Snippets, Transcripts, Translations, Highlights, and Tags.

Collaborate across conversations by tagging your team in transcripts and highlights.

Create and Manage tags to group highlights by specific themes for better data visualization.


Gain comprehensive conversation analytics using emotion intelligence

Get aggregate analytics at the Tag level to measure the efficacy of a theme across multiple conversations

Summarize your conversations by embedding references like highlights, tags, media, and comments

Industry leading customers who love our platform

Make data-backed decisions in a jiffy

Converse in real-time with your customers

Converse with your customers in real-time, real-time transcripts with speaker identification, create surveys, share video/images and capture real-time emotion insights

Creates a Single Source of Truth

Single unified dashboard, Upload your conversations, Built-in API connectors for seamless integrations & create collections.

Collaborate across teams

Search across transcripts, create highlights, tag team members, Create and manage tags, create nested conversations

Analytics & Insights

Emotion and Conversation analytics, Aggregated analytics at tag level, Collection insights, Create Custom reports

Emotion AI

Single Face and Multi Face Emotion Recognition, Voice Tonality, Sentiment Analysis

Integrate across platforms

Video Conferencing, Contact Centre, VoIP, sales Enablement, CRM and FTP/SFTP Flat file integration support with popular product and design tools.

Enterprise Grade Security

SOC 2 – Type 2 Certified, ISO 27001 Certified, GDPR Compliant, Single Sign On & Social Sign on Support

Conduct live interviews

Converse with your customers using Decode Live. Get immediate transcripts with speaker identification. Create surveys, share videos/images, and capture real-time emotion insights.

Create a Unified Data Repository

Curate your research and customer conversations across platforms under one dashboard for superior data visualization.

Collaborate across teams

Search across transcripts, create highlights, tag team members, Create and manage tags, create nested conversations.

Leverage Emotion AI

Go a step ahead to understand the subconscious engagement of your customers using voice tonality, sentiment analysis, and facial coding.

Integrate across platforms

Utilize 20+ integrations, including popular Video Conferencing, Contact Centre, VoIP, sales Enablement, CRM, FTP/SFTP Flat file, and product and design tools.

Equip your data with Enterprise Grade Security

Comply with SOC 2 – Type 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, Single Sign On & Social Sign-on.

The Decode Advantage

Proof-based Consumer Insights

Gather unbiased insights with the help of emotion analytics.

Logistically simplified end-to-end qualitative research

Conduct all your research activities on a single, online, remote platform.

Agility in qualitative research

Rapidly conduct and analyze research projects at scale.

Increasing ROI on Research Spends

Say goodbye to manual efforts – leverage automated processes for higher research productivity.

Affect UX features

“The future looks exciting as we scale our Open Innovation partnership with Entropik ”

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“With strategic collaboration over 3 years, Entropik’s Emotion AL IP has incredible potential to redefine user experiences for digital apps and enhance marketing effectiveness for consumer-facing companies across Banking, Retail, Utilities & other industries. The future looks exciting as we scale our Open Innovation partnership with Entropik.”

“Entropik delves into the subconscious and helps explain brand messaging impacts better ”

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“It’s imperative for marketers to employ an intelligent mix of traditional research and technologically advanced solutions. Entropik delves into the subconscious and helps explain brand messaging impacts better. Their methodologies for Ad testing help us tap into consumer’s emotions and use those insights to create memorable and engaging TVCs.”

“A 35% increase in content consumption after optimising our UX and Content with Entropik ”

“Entropik Tech allows us the opportunity to include learnings from the subconscious mapping of our readers with quick testing. We have seen a 35% increase in content consumption after we started optimizing our UX and Content.”