Qatalyst Demo Days

Qatalyst Weekly Live Product Demo 

Join this webinar to get a sneak peek at Qatalyst, our integrated user research platform powered by Insights AI (Emotion AI + Behavior AI + Gen AI). Learn about all the tools that can help you conduct research faster and more efficiently so that you can get unbiased, actionable insights 6x faster.

What can you expect?

  • A complete platform walkthrough of Qatalyst that includes quant and qual, moderated and unmoderated user research.
  • How the platform can help you test your products from the prototype to the live website/app stage.
  • How you can use the insights from the platform to improve the user experience of your products.
  • An exclusive look at Insights AI, which consists of our patented Emotion AI and Behavior AI tech as well as Generative AI and how it can help in your data-driven decision making.

Agenda for the upcoming session

  • A brief overview of Entropik and Qatalyst
  • Setting up unmoderated blocks on Qatalyst
  • Analyzing the results from unmoderated blocks on Qatalyst

Get ready for an insightful session!

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