Case Study

Entropik helped the brand to create new recipe in new market

Qualitative study to identify consumer consumption patterns

Shireen Noushad
July 5, 2023
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Our customer, the world’s largest snack company wanted to launch their products in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. They were finding it difficult to understand actual consumer perception towards their brand and their competitors.  

The customer wanted in-depth insight into consumer preferences, purchase decisions, and consumption patterns of the product. They also wanted to know the combination of ingredients that worked best with the consumers to help develop new recipes for the new market.

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Shireen Noushad
Shireen adores writing and currently, she’s all about making B2B content fun, engaging, and 100% non-boring. She's intrigued by the scope of AI(not scared, yet), and how it helps advance operations on all fronts across industries. On a typical day, she scours the internet for anything and everything AI-related, and goes on a loop of writing and re-writing cause it’s just not perfect.

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