Case Study

Entropik increase discoverability of elements on an e-commerce website

Here’s how we helped a leading South-East Asian company improve their time to discovery.

Aishwarya N K
June 28, 2023
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Our client wanted to improve the noticeability of their offer banner and analyze how users felt as they were browsing through the banners on their webpage.

Through our AI tech, we were able to increase their time to discoverability and noticeability of their banner and analyze the emotion evoked by users as they browsed through the most popular products on the sale page.

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Aishwarya N K
Aishwarya tries to be a meticulous writer who dots her i’s and crosses her t’s. She brings the same diligence while curating the best restaurants in Bangalore. When she is not dreaming about her next scuba dive, she can be found evangelizing the Lord of the Rings to everyone in earshot.

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