5 Video Conferencing Features That Will Make Your Meetings Better

Take your video conferencing game to the next level with these five features that will make your meetings more engaging, productive, and efficient.

Reshu Rathi
February 22, 2023
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It is no secret that meetings matter -- whether they happen in person or virtually, it's hard to overstate the impact they have on our day-to-day experience. And, with the shift to remote work, most of these meetings happen through virtual platforms - making some specific video conferencing features super essential to conduct our business and keep it running smoothly.

Now we all know a video conferencing platform is essential to run and record these virtual meetings so that we can get the most out of them. But do you ever utilize these recordings? Do you tap into these recordings to capture insights from them?

Well, most people don't, as they don't know how to tap into this conversation data, but you certainly can. And, to do that, you need a platform that lets you conduct these meetings and lets you decode these conversations too. One that can help make these meetings more organized and super productive. And that can help your business better connect with its customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

In short, you need to select the right platform. To do so, you must understand the key video conferencing features so that you can get more out of your virtual meetings.

Here are the 5 Video Conferencing Features

In this article, we'll cover some of the most crucial video conferencing features for businesses to look for in 2022. Without these critical features, you won't be able to get the most out of your virtual meetings.

1. Highlight Conversations

We often hear one common complaint about meetings - that they are unproductive and a waste of time. Why? Because nowadays with the shift to remote work we have a lot of meetings and sometimes even back-to-back. Most of the time, we cover a lot in these meetings, and to remember it, we keep taking notes and lose focus from the conversation.

Also, finding any crucial information from these meetings is a task. It takes a lot of time to go through these recordings to get to the most vital part. But not anymore - with a feature that lets you highlight, you don't have to worry about missing crucial points, as you can highlight the most critical moments in these meetings – with just a click. So, anyone can find them out easily without going through the complete recording.

2. Search Conversations

The highlight is a great feature, but what if you need to find something specific that has been said in these meetings - well, that's where search functionality can help. This feature lets you search through these conversations and find specific moments. Quickly finding the information you are looking for can help you save ample time and get better results from these meetings.

Meetings are a necessary evil - we can't avoid them, but search functionality can definitely help you get more out of these meetings - by letting you unlock the information hidden in your virtual meetings.

Every business is conducting virtual meetings these days, but don't just do these meetings - make them matter. And, by making use of the search feature, you can make your meetings count. Wondering how? With this feature, everyone in the meeting can focus on the discussion. And they don't need to focus on remembering and jotting all the topics and ideas discussed.

3. Upload Conversations

Every business runs on virtual meetings these days - from doing town hall to giving product demos to conducting training and onboarding sessions to conducting brainstorming sessions; we accomplish a lot through these meetings. If you want everyone to utilize the information shared in these meetings, uploading all these meetings in one place is a must.

Having a recording of all these meetings in one place can make searching and consuming the information easier for everyone in your company. And this will ensure that the information shared in these conversations won’t stay locked away where it’s too tedious to unearth. With upload functionality, you can upload all your meetings at one place no matter which video conferencing platform you have conducted it on.

Don’t just do meetings; make the recordings easily accessible at a single place to help people consume the information shared in them too.

4. Record and Transcribe

Things tend to flash by during these virtual conversations, and most of the time, we forget what's discussed in these meetings. Don't we? Well, we've all been there. We attend a meeting, debate writing something down, but then we think we'll remember this. But after a few hours, we forget what's discussed in it at all. And that's where the record and transcribe feature can help. By automatically recording and transcribing all your meetings in one place, you can use it as a reference for what's discussed in these meetings.

There are many tools available that let you record these virtual conversations, but very few tools automatically transcribe these conversations in real-time. Use a tool that lets you record, transcribe, index, and search all these conversations in a single place. In short, use a tool that acts as a single source of truth for all these conversations.

5. Summarize Conversations

A successful meeting is one where everyone understands the things discussed in the meeting. And where the gist of communication is captured by all involved. Summarizing the virtual conversations can help achieve this - it can make the virtual meetings super-efficient. It can ensure that the main points of these meetings are captured and utilized.

Basically, by using summarize conversation feature, the conductor of these virtual conversations can give a concise overview of the essential points from these meetings. This feature lets you display the summary of your discussion or the MOM of your meetings on the screen, so everyone is on the same page.

It's not enough to make sure everyone understands what's discussed in the meeting — a good leader and meeting conductor will ensure that the crux of the discussion will be captured and shared with everyone. So that post-meeting, nobody forgets what was discussed in the meeting.

Over to You

Virtual meetings aren't going anywhere soon - we all are conducting or participating in them. But there are very few of us who are utilizing this data. In fact, all this data is getting lost, forgotten about, never to be seen or heard again. But the video conferencing features described above can change that today. With these features, you can unlock the black box of these conversations and use this untapped data.


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