Making Consumer Insights More Actionable with AI and SaaS

AI and SaaS automate data analysis, identify patterns, and provide real-time recommendations, making consumer insights more actionable for businesses.

Tanvi Moitra
March 24, 2023
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If you ever had to go with your gut instinct just because of unreliable and delayed consumer insights, this article is for you.  

We all know how great consumer insights are for predicting the success of your Go-To-Market Strategy. But the problem with these insights is that they are not always actionable. As a marketer, you want quick, accurate, easily consumable insights. But research teams and market research agencies still rely on traditional research methods which are slow, outdated and prone to human error.  

This problem can have ripple effects on all succeeding product launches and campaigns. For example, McDonald’s Arch Deluxe burger failed massively due to improper market research. But McDonald’s kept making similar mistakes and it impacted the launch of the McLean Deluxe Burger.  

But don’t lose hope yet, research platforms are your knight in shining armour. With the advent of Online Research Platforms and Artificial Intelligence, research has become more intelligent and intuitive. So, let’s dive in!

The Actionable Duo

You don’t want to go ahead with just any research platform. The platform needs to be –

1) robust, 2) agile, 3) scalable, 4) secure and 5) intelligent. Moreover, you do not want to be submerged in pages of data, you just want to know what action items support your strategy.  

The need for speed along with crisp and accurate data can be achieved by a research platform which is powered by AI and wastes no time on decision making. This is why 99% of companies at least use one SaaS product.  

These research platforms can help you make consumer insights actionable by- 

  • Reducing the time taken to analyze and process data  
  • Diving deep into the underlying reasons and causes  
  • Eliminating dependency on manual work, location, technology deployment 
  • Accelerate research processes and modernize traditional research methods  
  • Providing accurate data compiled onto a single dashboard for easier access and cross-collaboration 
  • Visually depicting the data using charts, workflows, and reports 
  • Reducing dependency on external agencies and increasing the scope for more in-house research 

But that is not all. Research platforms are your ticket to exploring and expanding your marketing horizons.  

The World of Research Platforms

Research Platforms may feel like a technology Doraemon pulled out of his magic pocket, but it is as easy to use as your smartphone. It gives you access to a plethora of features which can enhance the way you use your insights.

Behavioral Analytics

Using technology like Facial Coding and Eye Tracking, these AI-powered research platforms provide you with in-depth behavioral analysis of your target audience. This eliminates any guesswork and gives you a sure-shot answer about the efficacy of your campaign or product launch.  

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Access to Online Panels  

Research platforms take away the burden of qualifying and segmenting your test takers. Depending on the research platform you can either go for their in-house panel or a panel provider integrated with their platform. This saves you a lot of time and it gives you insights you can directly convert to actions.  

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Attention & Engagement Metrics

Imagine you release a new ad with new characters but how would you know if your audience is resonating with the content or the characters? Is the placement of your logos and price related info correct? These questions can be answered by mapping the visual appeal and comprehension levels of your target audience. Be it a pack design or any form of media, AI-powered research platforms reduce the time to market by mapping a clear trajectory.

Benchmarking and Research Repository

If you don’t know what you are competing against, even if it is with your past endeavours, how will you learn from your mistakes? Through benchmarking data, research platforms give you a clear view of where you stand. They analyze large volumes of data and give you a single-point indication of what can be improved and what seems to make the cut.  

Online research platforms also provide you with the option of storing all your research data in one place. This allows you to quickly access and retrieve all your research without wasting time on scrummaging through data.

Data Visualization  

When dealing with large amounts of data, the best way to consume and analyze it is through charts and graphs. They make digesting the data and mapping important relationships and patterns easy. Research platforms automatically create these and make cross-collaboration simple and effective.  

Bottom Line

One of the best ways to make insights actionable is through fast, crisp, accurate and easily consumable data. Choosing a SaaS-based research platform which is powered by Artificial Intelligence makes life simpler and helps you optimise your time and resources. With an array of additional features, all you need is access to the internet and the will to move away from guesswork and intuition.  


Supercharge your research with actionable insights faster on Decode's integrated consumer research platform with Insights AI.
Want to conduct lean and unbiased research? Try out Entropik's tech behavioral research platform today!
Want to conduct lean and unbiased research? Try out Entropik's tech behavioral research platform today!
Want to conduct lean and unbiased research? Try out Entropik's tech behavioral research platform today!
Build the Right Products, the Right Way: Elevate your UX with Qatalyst's integrated user research platform with Insights AI.


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