Want to Make the Most of Your Meeting Recordings? Here's How

Are you recording virtual meetings? Here are a few ways to get the most out of your meeting recordings.

Reshu Rathi
February 22, 2023
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Since the pandemic started, virtual meetings have become an essential part of our work life, and their presence will only rise in the future. Recording these meetings has become the need of the hour to get value from these virtual conversations. And that is why most of us are recording these meetings so that everyone has access to what is discussed and agreed upon in them, making these meeting recordings a critical business asset.  

Now we all know the benefits of recording these meetings - we can quickly return to these meeting recordings to find action items or share them with those who were not present in the discussions or avoid note-taking. But do you know the downside of recording these meetings?  

Well, for businesses, these recordings have made a complex web of meeting data from internal meetings to client meetings to candidate meetings, etc. And have created a new problem of how to utilize this meeting data to get value from it, as navigating through this sea of data is tough and time-consuming.

Now we know that virtual meetings are not going anywhere, and so are these meeting recordings, so we must find ways to make the most out of them. And with that in mind, here are a few ways to get the most out of these meeting recordings.  

Let us dive right in!

1. Manage Your Meeting Recordings

Recording online meetings is easy; managing these recordings is not. Nowadays, everybody is recording these virtual meetings, but very few are getting value from these important conversations.  


Because these meeting recordings are not quickly accessible, they are scattered all over the place where it is tough to find them. But what is the benefit of recording these meetings if you cannot access this valuable information? So, it is crucial that you organize all these meeting recordings in one place. Now you must be wondering how to do that.  

Well, it is simple - use a tech tool that lets you upload all these meetings recordings in a single place, no matter which video conferencing platform you have conducted these meetings on. It is crucial as there are many video conferencing tools available these days. And most businesses use more than one platform to conduct these meetings.  

Now, you do not have to take my word for that - I have stats to prove. According to stats, 89% of companies use more than one video conferencing platform. And 62% of companies use three or more video calling platforms.  

state of video conferencing

So, if you are not organizing all these meeting recordings in a single place, you will not be able to get value from these conversations.

Also, when you upload all the meeting recordings into one easy-to-access repository, it becomes a single source of truth for every employee of your organization. And this helps them gain a more holistic understanding of every aspect of the organization.

In short, do not just record meetings - make these recordings accessible too.

2. Index Your Meeting Recordings

If you want to get value from your meeting recordings, having the central record system for all these meetings is necessary, but that is just the first step. And just because all your meetings' recordings are in a single place does not mean it is easy to get value from them.  

Why? Because nowadays our business runs on these meetings, it is tough to run an organization without virtual meetings in this modern world. But there is a downside to it. These virtual meetings have led to an increase in communication volume from all quarters.  

From connecting with team members to clients to candidates, we are conducting and recording so many meetings to refer to them later or to help absent team members catch up on these discussions, etc. With so many recordings, finding what you are looking for becomes tough.  

Wondering, how can you take the pain out of this process and make it easy to find any meeting recording? The answer is quite simple: use a tool that lets you index these recordings. So, you can quickly and easily sort and use your meeting recordings in a better way.  

Use a tool that enables you to index your meeting recordings into collections based on use case or context, e.g., exit interviews, product demos, board meetings, sales calls, etc., so browsing and filtering these recordings become super easy.

3. Transcribe Your Meeting Recordings

Have you ever wondered why so many of us record meetings these days but never revisit these recordings? Well, one of the main reasons we do not utilize these recordings is that it is tough to scan a meeting recording. And nobody has the time to go through the complete recordings.

Do you know since the shift to working from started our meeting time has increased by as much as 10%? We are all spending a lot of time in meetings these days, leaving us little time to go through these meeting recordings. And that's where AI transcription tools can help - use a tool that transcribes your online meeting recordings in real-time or one that lets you upload your audio or video files to be transcribed.  

These AI transcription tools can make it easier to go through the recordings by providing automated transcripts instantaneously. Even the most experienced transcribers cannot do that - as they take some time to produce text from an audio or video file.

Also, with every recording in one place and automatically transcribed, your employees could quickly go through these recordings and find what they needed right away and on their own.

4. Use a Tool That Let You Search These Recordings  

Virtual meetings have become an integral part of our daily communication. Many of us now attend virtual meetings daily - sometimes even more than once, making it tough to remember the exact details sometimes. With search functionality, you can quickly scan the full spoken text of your meeting recordings and find the correct information.  

Searching for what was said during meetings and listening back in on the stuff that you could not remember can help you get more value from these conversations. You can search through these virtual meetings recordings, find specific moments, and action items without scrubbing through the whole recordings.  

Remember, virtual meetings are not going anywhere. If you want your employees to get value from these conversations, you should make it as easy as possible for them to go through these conversations.

To Sum It Up  

Meeting recordings are a goldmine of data about what your candidates and clients think and help you get insights into them. Also, they can help your employees get more value from these conversations, but only if you leverage these recordings.  

Now the question is, do you utilize these recordings? If yes, please share your insights, and let me know if you have other ways to help people get more value from their meeting recordings. You can share your insights by tweeting them to @by_decode.

Want to get value from your meeting recordings? Decode can help - with it, your meeting recordings will become discoverable, accessible, and easily searchable by the whole team, all without any additional work from your side. You can also upload all your meeting recordings on Decode and can transcribe them, or you can sync your meetings to Decode. By syncing, they will get automatically uploaded, and anyone from your organization can find and watch them and get the insights they need from these recordings without looking all over the place.

If you are already a Decode user, try these features to get value from meeting recordings. If not, sign up for free access to give these features a spin.


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Reshu Rathi is an online marketing and conversion rate enthusiast. She specializes in content marketing, lead generation, and engagement strategy. Her byline can be found all over the web

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