Humanize Digital Transformation with Emotion AI

Entropik Tech's whitepaper on humanizing digital transformation with emotion AI explores how AI can help make digital transformation more human-centered.

February 23, 2023
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“People don’t buy from companies, people buy from people.” Being customer centric means planning your business strategies keeping customers in the frontline. Customers are often on the go, and are in need of instant support with a seamless experience. While these demands can be taken care by advanced technologies, the human touch remains important.

Digital transformation is exponentially changing the way business gets done. With digital transformation being in the bucket list of almost all organisations, it is high time they pay equal attention to humanizing it. The revolution of digital transformation is changing the way business gets done. And, interestingly, Emotion AI is slowly but surely making its presence felt.

This white paper identifies the ways in which Emotion AI is playing a key role in humanizing digital transformation and creating engaging digital experiences for customers. It dwells in detail how by leveraging Emotion AI technology for digital transformation, organisations can not only drive emotional engagement with customers but also assist brands in maximizing their ROI and let businesses capture meaningful and accurate insights of digital experiences at scale.

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