Emotion AI Ads Report: Best of Easter Ads Launched in 2021

In this Emotion AI Ads Report, we present the best Easter ads launched in 2021, using Entropik Tech's Emotion AI tool to analyze emotional resonance.



April 24, 2024

“How many eggs in the Easter basket?
One, two, three, four, five.”

From chocolate bunnies hopping around to ‘egg-cellent’ Easter puns, brands went all out on commercials this Easter. Whether it’s Cadbury’s Creme Egg Golden Goobilee or Target’s New Twist on Traditions, marketers leveraged Easter’s joyful theme well. Let us have a look at the top 5 ads for Easter 2021.

Cadbury Creme Egg Golden Goobilee

2021 marked the 50th birthday of Cadbury’s classic Creme Egg. Through its minute-long commercial, the brand celebrates ‘Golden Goobilee,’ highlighting various Cadbury Creme Egg eaters, including dipper, licker, ‘eggspert,’ baker, and sharer.
The creative sparked controversy on social media platforms for featuring a same-sex male couple; however, it also garnered enormous support for the same.
Entropik deployed its Emotion AI platform Affect Lab to decode audience responses. The emotion insights reveal that the ad recorded a good AL score of 42.17. Here, the AL score signifies the overall creative efficacy of the commercial. Besides, the high attention level of 64.36 and a solid engagement level indicate that the creative was visually appealing and tugged on to viewers’ heartstrings.

Calico Critters

Calico Critters’ Easter commercial featured its brand new Hoppin’ Easter set. The 40-second ad stars an Easter-themed Snow Rabbit Baby and various toys and accessories. The ad showcases the perfect setting for a joyful Easter egg hunt and has collected over 265K views since its launch.
CC- Hoppin’ Easter Set 2021 | Calico Critters

Emotion insights from AffectLab establish that the creative garnered a strong attention level of 63.98 and an AffectLab score of 41.9. Affect Lab uses emotion recognition technologies of facial coding and eye-tracking to dive deep into audience responses and interpret facial expressions and eye movements. The stats illustrate how compelling the easter ad analysis was. Besides, the engagement level for the ad is recorded at 26.3.


Aldi’s Easter outing has a Latin twist this year! Egg-shaped piñata, Scottish salmon, British lamb, chocolate eggs, hot cross buns, and Latin boogaloo track “I Like It Like That” blasting in the background; this ad has it all. The 40-second-long commercial, also including a bunny man and a Mariachi Band, is engaging viewers well.
There’s lots to like at Aldi this Easter

Even the AffectLab emotion insights say that the ad’s attention and engagement levels were high at 64.42 and 23.91. The Affect Lab score for the commercial was recorded at 40.96, highlighting its creative efficacy and assessment concerning the industry benchmarks.


Lurpak’s commercial is an artful ode to cooks creating delicacies at home on Easter. From berries, glazed ham, eggs to Lurpak’s butter, the 20-second ad features the traditional Easter meal and the heroes who prepare it. With over 228K views on YouTube itself, the ad is faring well with the audience.

Lurpak Easter 2021 campaign – The Cook Makes Easter

Affect Lab’s emotion recognition technology analysis reveals a peaking attention and engagement level at 64.15 and 23.35. The commercial also amassed an AL score of 40.72.


This year, Target encourages Eastering with a new twist! The retail giant advertises its Easter baskets, DIY egg-decorating kits, ingredients, paper grass, serving pieces, candies, plates, and toys in this 30-second commercial. The exuberant ad features kids and families in coordinated outfits and matching attire.
This Easter, Plan a New Twist on Traditions with Target

When Affect Lab analyzed the viewer’s responses to various emotion metrics like happiness, surprise, sadness, anger, contempt, and disgust, solid attention and engagement levels of 64.1 and 23.32 were detected, respectively. The commercial recorded an AL score of 40.51.

How many eggs were there in basket?
Let’s count!

According to Entropik’s Emotion Report, Ferrero Rocher’s ‘Say it with Gold’ and Hershey’s ‘Easter: Fill It With Love’ commercials deserve a shoutout too.
Ferrero Rocher’s 30-second ad garnered solid attention and engagement levels of 63.93 and 21.81. The creative chalked up an Affect Lab score of 39.87. Hershey’s 15-second-long commercial also recorded an excellent attention level of 63.22. The ad’s engagement and Affect Lab scores remained at 22.08 and 39.4.

From egg-centric humor to music egg-cercises, every Easter brings in a wide range of commercials. Moreover, despite the pandemic-era weariness, the candy-infused, colorful, and celebratory tone of Easter-themed ads remained intact this year.
And no matter what season it is, targeting the right emotions is crucial to creating viral and engaging content. That’s where emotion insights from Entropik’s Emotion AI platform, Affect Lab, can help brands gain emotion-rich and actionable intelligence into their audiences’ subconscious.

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