Decoding the Heart Tugging Ad from Apple using Ad Insights

‘A Climate Change Promise from Apple’– Emotion AI Platform Decodes the Heart Tugging Creative with Ad Insights on AffectLab.



June 12, 2024

The American global tech giant Apple announced its commitment to becoming completely carbon neutral by the year 2030 with a sweet and invigorating advertisement in July 2020. The commercial, known as ‘A Climate Change Promise from Apple’ has more than one million views on YouTube and brings a refreshing change with no mention of their iconic products, product designs or even the accessories.

Featuring a baby, sleeping peacefully on a bed, the 96-second ad shows a baby being lulled to comfort by the sound of chirping birds, sounds of street traffic, and a man’s gentle voice delivering a sincere promise.

‘A Climate Change Promise from Apple’, Affect Lab – Emotion AI Platform Decodes the Heart Tugging Creative with Emotion AI Technologies

The commercial which has very little going on throughout the video is triggering all the right human emotions subtly. To get a better look inside the viewer’s mind, Entropik Tech deployed its Emotion AI-enabled platform, Affect Lab.

The emotion recognition solution uses eye-tracking and facial coding technologies to decode the range of emotions and feelings that viewers went through while watching the video.

According to the data-driven insights from Affect Lab’s Ad Insights, the advertisement made by McCann Paris earned the attention level of 64.11 on an average through the 96-second clip with a dip of only 2 points. The commercial featuring the song ‘Flight from the City’ by the Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson saw an average variation of 4.5 points in the mix of positive emotions and negative emotions.

Affect Lab’s Ad Insights Module analyses the facial expressions of the viewer on the emotion metrics of surprise, happiness, sadness, contempt, anger, and disgust to establish attention and engagement through facial coding.

By utilising eye-tracking, the platform determines the average time of first discovery, the percentage people watched, and the earned/held attention.

In a Nutshell

Marketing studies indicate that there used to be a time when the brand name and price tags were enough to bring shoppers to the market aisle. However, now, ‘climate-friendly’, ‘sustainable’, or ‘eco-friendly’ attributes are a significant part of the consideration.  In fact,  69% of consumers across the world have switched to different products and services due to concern about climate change.

Thus, the emphasis is more on social responsibility and climate change required to flatten the curve of negative emotions around Coronavirus. With on-going pandemic and treading emotional impact, before releasing a commercial or any visual Ad concept, brands can utilise new technologies such as Emotion AI to identify, interpret, and decode the viewer’s response and reactions in real-time helping them deliver better messaging that resonates with the audience’s emotions.

With consumer emotions being more sensitive than ever before, companies must ensure that before launching a product/services, the advertisement is conveying an eco-sensitive message. With Emotion AI, companies can not only avoid negative snowball effects but also create a positive stir for their brand image across platforms.

Emotion Metric Reports

Affect Lab emotion metrics includes attention that highlights the visual appeal standpoint of any creative on a scale of 0-100The emotions are also defined in broader segments like positive emotions (happy and surprise) or the intensity of the negative emotions (sad and anger) on a scale of 0-100


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