Using Ad Insights to Rank the Top 10 US Ads for Emotional Resonance

Entropik’s Emotion Report: Top10 US Ads That Pull-On Emotion – March 2021



June 12, 2024

From laugh out loud-funny, thought-provoking to joyful, or downright confusing, Ad commercials in March 2021 generated significant buzz across platforms. Let us have a look at Entropik’s monthly roundup of the top USA ads suing our Ad Insights in Affect Lab

Starbucks Shake Things Up a Little

Titled ‘Shake Things Up a Little,’ Starbucks’ commercial has garnered over 11 million views on YouTube. The food and beverages MNC advertises two of its newest additions, ‘Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk’ and ‘Iced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken Espresso.’ The 15-second-long commercial features the two drinks and the ingredients involved in making them.

Entropik’s emotion-rich insights indicate that the ad’s display of names associated with the beverage evokes high visual appeal as the audience spent invested time reading out those details. The attention and engagement levels remained strong at 67.81 and 30.17. However, sadness emotions were prominently recorded throughout the ad because it was fast-paced and made it difficult for the audience to follow every frame. The ad amasses an AL score of 48.25.

Pepsi Mango Singles :60

PepsiCo turns into a matchmaker in its latest ad titled, ‘Pepsi Mango Singles.’ The commercial highlights an exciting take on promoting its mango-flavored innovation and features eligible singles looking for their perfect match.

AffectLab’s data-rich report tells that the audience had difficulty relating the characters’ narrative finding their perfect match with Pepsi making the overall engagement drop. According to emotion insights from Entropik, the attention and engagement levels were recorded at 64.42 and 27.92.

Moreover, the ad witnesses the highest negative peak at 34s when the brand asks the viewers to call at the number for becoming the perfect match for the characters. The audience did not expect the drastic change at the end. Yet, the commercial records an AL score of 46.13.

Starbucks: Moonshots

Reflecting on the past, contemplating the present, and envisioning an inclusive future, Starbucks’ latest commercial is striking all the right chords with the viewers. The ad, called Moonshots, is slightly longer at 163 sec but fares well with the audience and secures a solid Affect Lab score of 45.88.

Starbucks: Moonshots

Entropik’s Emotion AI insights reveal that the commercial’s overall visual appeal and engagement remain high and are not affected by the long duration, indicating that the messaging resonated with the viewers. The creative amassed a good attention score of 67.59. The engagement score remained at 25.82.

Besides, the ad records high emotions of sadness when it displays outdoor activities and revelries from the pre-Covid-19 times due to people’s inability to do the same now.

AirPods Pro-Jump

With more than 8.6 million views on YouTube, Apple’s spot featuring double Dutch athlete Kengo Sugino’s zestful walk as the number “Fallin Apart” blasts in the background is wooing audiences. The ad follows the character who starts his walk by plugging in his air pods and casually shakes a leg with everyone he meets.

AirPods Pro — Jump

The musically charged commercial has an AL score of 44.73 and maintains a high visual appeal throughout the ad due to the exceptional dance sequence. The ad secured attention and engagement scores of 64.69 and 26.75.

However, an increase in anger emotion is witnessed when the sequence continues for almost 103s, and the respondents appear bored. Nevertheless, Affect Lab recorded a peak in the surprise quotient wherever Sugion’s character starts dancing on the ropes.

NIKE: We Play Real

Nike’s International Women’s Day memorable commercial celebrates women of color. The creative, starring Caster Semenya, Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, Ibtihaj Muhammad, and more, features a moving narration by actress and playwright Dominique Fishback.

The ad, shedding light on the Black Lives Matter campaign, has crossed 13 million views on YouTube and is commemorating the work from women of color that often goes unidentified, unacknowledged.

We Play Real | Nike

Entropik’s Emotion AI insights reveal that the thought-provoking and inspiring nature of the commercial witnesses a high visual appeal throughout and a solid attention score of 67.95. The creative garnered an AL score of 43.98 and an engagement score of 21.02.

Besides, it recorded the highest positive emotions at 8.77 and the greatest peak towards the end at 23.49s, indicating that the audience enjoyed the ad and appreciated the tagline as well.

Volkswagen: 100% SUV 100% Electric

Volkswagen promotes its first 100% electric SUV in this nearly a minute-long commercial. The ad features a young girl buzzing with electricity and Volkswagen’s new model equipped with high-tech driving specs, futuristic styling, and an exceptional battery range.

Volkswagen: 100% SUV 100% Electric

According to Entropik’s emotion report, the ad secured an AL score of 43.45 and had an excellent visual appeal due to the girl’s presence. The creative recorded a high engagement score at 41.10. However, the commercial witnessed high negative emotions since viewers could not associate the little girl and the car. The attention score chalked up to 55.2.

Nike (M): The Toughest Athletes

Highlighting the ordeals and delights of motherhood, the latest spot from Nike has garnered over 11.6 million views on YouTube and is stirring meaningful conversations across social media platforms. The minute-long commercial records high positive emotions at 9.65 when it displays female athletes training hard during their pregnancy, reveals Entropik’s emotion report.

The Toughest Athletes | Nike (M)

The feel-good quotient of the ad is solid and generates an excellent attention score of 67.58. Besides, the happy emotions peak up at the 20s when the audience grasps and resonates with the ad’s context.

The overall engagement level of 19.2 is recorded at the lowest since the audience was more hooked visually instead of listening to the narration. The AL score remains at 42.94.

Microsoft Mesh

Microsoft’s latest commercial looks right out of a sci-fi movie where people communicate with peers, colleagues, and friends via Microsoft Mesh. Despite a futuristic and outlandish tone and an interesting message to convey, Entropik’s emotion report indicates that the ad didn’t resonate well with the audience.

Introducing Microsoft Mesh

With over 887K views, the creative is slow-paced and does not mention the brand or the newest product till 139s. The viewers realize what the ad is promoting only at the end.

Entropik’s Emotion AI technologies decoded audiences’ response to award the commercial with an AffectLab score of 42.76. While the attention level remained average at 56.03, the creative garnered an engagement of 33.75.

Procter and Gamble (P&G) dropped its new commercial to confront racial stereotypes, display the Black experience, and address the systemic inequalities across the advertising industry. With a powerful narration from Mahershala Ali, ‘Widen the Screen’ has amassed 187K views on YouTube alone.

P&G | Widen the Screen

Procter & Gamble | Widen the Screen

According to Entropik’s emotion report, the P&G ad didn’t strike the right chords with the respondents. The attention and engagement levels recorded among respondents were at 63.44 and 23.23.

The ad recorded high negative emotions at 18.77 as the ad began without narration and showed the people of color in a bad light. However, the negative emotions dip down by the end when the ad’s actual context becomes clear. The commercial recorded an AL score of 42.49.

Puma: Foot Tapping

Puma, the multinational sports giant, recently dropped a 60-second creative titled, ‘Foot Tapping.’ The commercial comprises a music video featuring Singaporean musician and actor Tosh Rock, music producers Yusef Kifah from Malaysia, Inquisitive from Singapore, and DJ Kild from Indonesia, who created the base beats.

Puma: Foot Tapping

According to Entropik’s emotion report, the ad garnered a solid attention level of 65.17 owing to the visual appeal. However, the engagement and AL scores remained at 24.91 and 42.23, respectively.

Let’s Rewind>>

Entropik analyzed 50 ads based on YouTube viewership, and these creatives mentioned above emerged as the top 10 in terms of engagement, attention, and emotional resonance. An exciting revelation from Entropik’s emotion report also indicates that the ads evoked more negative emotions due to not clearly setting up the context at the beginning.

So, whether it is a futuristic car model or an inspiring commercial about motherhood, tapping onto the emotions and conveying the right message is crucial. If brands appeal to consumers’ emotions, customers are more likely to engage with their products, leading to stronger customer loyalty, bolstered every time your emotionally resonating ad campaign airs.


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