Top Women’s Day Ads in 2021 that Caught Viewers’ Attention

Entropik’s Emotion Report: Powerful Ads on Women’s Day 2021 that Caught Viewers’ Attention



July 10, 2024


Fueled by fantasy than reality, ad campaigns often fail to represent and market to women. However, on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2021, Entropik presents to you the latest women-centric ads stirring meaningful conversations through fun, emotional, and offbeat narratives.

Whether it’s Deepika Padukone grooving to the popular beats of ‘Auwa Auwa’ or #StopTheBeautyTest from Dove breaking free of beauty biases, here are 8 Women’s Day commercials that captured eyeballs.

Entropik’s Emotion Report: Top 8 Women’s Day Ads launched in 2021

Prega News

Titled #SheIsCompleteInHerself​, the tear-jerker from Prega News starring Indian actress Mona Singh hits the right notes with viewers. Packed with a heart-warming message of embracing women battling the mental, social, emotional, and physical impact of infertility, the commercial has garnered over 10 million YouTube views and rave reviews online.

As per Entropik’s emotion recognition insights, the ad recorded the highest attention and engagement levels of 66.18 and 23.68. Besides, the emotion-triggering TVC secured an Affect Lab score of 40.76.

Dove – #StopTheBeautyTest

Ahead of Women’s Day, Dove’s new Ad commercial #StopTheBeautyTest is going viral for the right reasons and with a powerful hashtag. With close to 8 million views, the ad features real-life narratives of five women, Mahak, Noor, Rajeshwari, Hemali, and Deeksha, from countrywide.

The Dove commercial takes on stereotypes and unrealistic beauty standards for Indian women. Entropik Emotion AI report indicates that the ad garners greater attention and engagement score of 66.1 and 23.01. The Affect Lab score, denoting the overall creative efficacy of the TVC, is recorded at 40.4.

Google – #WomensHistoryMonth #FirstofMany

Google, known for its exceptional creatives, dropped its latest marking the Women’s History Month 2021. The brand reports, “In the past year, the world searched for “the first woman” more than ever before.” The ad highlights the first women in history to visit space, become a rapper, entrepreneur, and more through visuals featuring Google search results.

AffectLab’s Emotion AI-backed report depicts that the inspiring creative draws substantial attention and engagement scores of 66.3 and 22.92. The AL score remains at 40.38.


Zivame releases its third standup themed ad in collaboration with comedian Mallika Dua. Bringing focus to the lack of choices in styles, colors, and sizes, for curvy and plus-sized women, the 150-sec-long commercial promotes Zivame’s lingerie collection perfect for all sizes.

With an AL score of 40.36, the ad film’s hilarious take on women’s lingerie garners attention and engagement levels of 65.98 and 22.51.

Reliance GI

Reliance General Insurance launched a music video, titled Womentum, celebrating women this International Women’s Day with an upbeat song and catchy lyrics. What’s more is that Usha Uthup, a superstar playback singer and Indie-pop legend, sings and grooves to the magical number.

Insights from the Affect Lab depict a high attention score of 65.87 and an average engagement level of 23.07. The ad bags an AL score of 40.17.


Starring Bollywood actress Kiara Advani, entertainer Bani J, gender-fluid artist Durga Gawde, MMA professional Sanika Patil, and TV actress Ayesha Adlakha, BoAT’s Women’s Day rap video is receiving mixed responses. The ad promotes boAT’s latest audio-wear: TRebel.


Conceptualized and delivered in collaboration with Universal Music India, the all-women song has over 2 million YouTube views. The ad maintains a good attention level of 66.12; however, it garners a low AL and engagement score of 38.61 and 18.74, respectively.

Max Fashion

Max Fashion celebrates womanhood with its 60-sec-long commercial, titled #YouAreSoBeautiful. With over 19 million YouTube views, the ad film features colorful slice-of-life visuals narrating tales of various women navigating life.

Despite a busy video, the Ad doesn’t engage the audience well. Affect Lab’s emotion insights report an attention score of 65.85 and a low engagement level of 17.36. The ad’s AL score stays at 37.86.

Levi’s® We All Move

Levi’s latest ad starring its global ambassador Deepika Padukone has garnered more than 9.3 million views on YouTube in days from its launch. The ad stars the Bollywood superstar and women from various walks of life rocking the Denim pants and breaking a leg to 80’s classic ‘Koi Yahan Aha Nache Nachein a cinematically pleasing setup.


According to Entropik’s emotion analysis, the 30-sec commercial bags the lowest attention and engagement levels of 65.64 and 16.06. The ad records an AL score of 37.12.

That concludes Entropik’s roundup of the eight most attention-grabbing commercials marking International Women’s Day 2021. As women’s representation in advertisements witnesses a sea-change over the years, emotions remain the sure-shot way to successful campaigns. With Entropik’s Emotion AI-enabled insights, take your advertising to the next level!

Entropik’s Emotion Research Metrics and Affect Lab Facial Coding Metrics

Irrespective of the day and age, the verdict remains the same: emotion is the key to unlocking marketing effectiveness and exceptional creative efficacy. That’s where Emotion AI-powered insights from Entropik’s proprietary Emotion AI platform, Affect Lab, can help identify and interpret consumer emotions in a flash. You can read our exclusive Emotion Metric Report published on Business Insider. Business Insider is a leading finance and business news website based in the US.


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