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Ad Insights For Most Emotion Triggering Digital Ads – Jan 2021

Most Emotion Triggering Digital Ads – January 2021

March 30, 2023
10 min
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Informing your customer is important but engaging them on a personal level, even more so. Tugging on the right emotions is a vital way of attracting and connecting with new customers. As people skim through 2021, here are the top 10 most emotion-triggering commercials launched in the month of Jaunuary. Take a look at our detailed Emotion Analysis Report.


The leading EdTech platform, Byju’s recently unveiled its latest ad campaign highlighting how parents become partners when kids learn with fun and ease. The online tutoring firm breaks new ground, as the ad is a game-changing shift in communication about education. The ad campaign emphasizes how Byju’s provides learning programs tailored to students’ learning style and pace, offering a unique educational experience.

For decoding audiences’ emotional responses, Entropik deployed its proprietary Emotion AI platform. Viewers appreciated where the mother was happy watching her son study without being asked to do so. Similarly, the son was glad knowing his mother doesn’t ask him to study. The mother-son duo at the center of the narrative resonated well with viewers and saw a high level of positive emotions.  Besides, the Emotion AI insights indicate that the 60-second creative garnered the highest AffectLab score of 44.42

Tata Sky

The most recent campaign from Tata Sky with a flavor of localized content is wooing audiences. The 50-second-long commercial, conceptualized and crafted by Ogilvy, is set around the festivities of Lohri. The narrative features a newly married couple celebrating their first Lohri together. When their family calls them to watch TV, the husband suggests enjoying TV on his phone itself.


While promoting the distinct benefits of a Tata Sky connection, the commercial highlights the option of receiving live TV channels on a smartphone along with a variety of regional content. The short ad ends with the wife impressed with Tata Sky’s Dil Jeetne Waala service.

AffectLab’s data-rich report tells the same story, as the commercial sits well with the audience and bags an overall positive response. Besides, the happiness score peaked at 16.50 throughout the creative

Make My Trip

On the occasion of 72nd Republic Day, the online travel company, Make My Trip dropped its new #MyIndia commercial. The minute-long creative is striking all the right chords with the audience by exploring India’s remote and beautiful destinations. With a voiceover from Bollywood talent Vijay Raaz, the ad follows the theme of “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” with “Ajube chhupe hai har jagah, nazariye ka khel hai saara.”

From the yellow taxis in Kolkata to the cutting chai of Mumbai to the beauty of Bengaluru, Rohtang Pass, and many more, the ad encapsulates it all. MakeMyTrip kick-starts an online travel parade with the ad’s launch. Entropik’s Emotion AI insights depict that the engagement level of the commercial was consistent at 28.19. Besides, it garners a solid AffectLab score of 43.18


The Covid-19 pandemic changed workspaces forever, as work-from-home became the new normal. However, the powerful 150-second-long commercial brings to light an issue that often goes unnoticed. In the latest creative from Population First’s girl child initiative, Ladli, audiences witness the grim reality of workplace sexual harassment continuing in remote workplaces. The ad titled #ChangeForPositive is stirring various kinds of discussions across social media platforms.

AffectLab’s emotion evaluation indicates that the commercial recorded a high negative emotion score due to the topic’s harrowing yet insightful nature. However, the ad garnered excellent attention and engagement levels of 66.57 and 25.97 as the overall theme and narrative absorbed the respondents. AffectLab’s attention metric highlights any creative visual appeal standpoint on a scale of 0-100.


Celebrating the magic of Indian karigars (artisans) and handicrafts, Amazon launched its latest program, ‘Handcrafted, With Love,’ with a 90-second-long eye-pleasing commercial. The creative is winning big on social media platforms with its clever use of real-life miniature sets and no CGI. The ad comprises magical storytelling and a calming background score. Besides, the commercial puts forth a platform enabling artisans from across the country to showcase their work.

The slow-paced ad drives audience attention well and garners the highest attention score of 42.27 from AffectLab. Moreover, the Emotion AI technologies reveal that viewers enjoy the music accompanying the artisan’s journey. The happy quotient peaks for the commercial whenever crafts appear on-screen. The creative secures a strong AffectLab score of 42.27.


With more than 7 million views on YouTube alone, Parle’s Swadeshi ad campaign ticks all the right boxes of nostalgia, traditions, and slice-of-life memories. The 60-seconds long commercial, conceptualized and delivered by Rediffusion agency, highlights the brand’s “Made in India, Made by India” motto. The film encapsulates various generations and their loyal association with Parle products.


Besides, it makes the viewer relive their childhood days by transporting them right to when they used to eat Parle-G biscuits. The emotionally-charged commercial is performing exceptionally well since its launch on the occasion of India’s 72nd Republic Day. The ad records an excellent attention level of 66.98 and an engagement score of 23.81, says Entropik’s Emotion AI report.


The Italian apparel giant, United Colors of Benetton, dropped various commercials under the #UnitedByCause campaign. The black-and-white creative from its campaign’s second leg, marking India’s Republic Day, delivers a compelling message. With an energizing track beginning with an Azaan blending seamlessly into a temple prayer, the TVC comprises two hands in the Namaaz prayer gesture, getting washed by soap and water. The hands eventually come together and become a Namaskar, dear to the Indian community. It enunciates the theme of staying safe and standing together.

Before the brand’s name appears, the creative also reiterates, “wash hands; maintain distance; wear masks.” Entropik’s Emotion AI technologies decode the viewer’s response to award the creative with an AffectLab score of 40.94. The #UnitedByCause commercial also records a higher engagement score of 26.02.


The renowned baby and toddler products brand Pampers is championing the cause of equal parenting with its new 120-second commercial. The creative, titled “#ItTakes2​: A father’s promise” emphasizes the role of both mother and father in raising a child, doing the ‘baby chores,’ and devoting time to the newborn. Conceptualized and written by Saatchi & Saatchi, the advertisement has more than 6.5 million views on YouTube itself and a comment section filled with happy people.

According to AffectLab’s insights, the ad garners high positive emotions as it shows a family delivering a new baby and the parents figuring out how to support and raise the kid. The slow-paced commercial and the background score lands the commercial an AffectLab score of 40.42.


The homegrown relationship-focused dating application, Aisle, has launched an ad campaign titled “One by Two.” The commercials highlight the old-school Indian way of romance. The campaign, directed by George Kora and Feroz Ismail, includes three short commercials.

Entropik’s emotion assessment indicates that the dating app for romance didn’t strike the right chords with the audience, which tried to underline “Desi Romance. It’s different”. Though the ad was engaging and recorded an engagement level of 23.32, it didn’t resonate well, garnering a low AffectLab score of 40.14.

Ambuja Cement

One of India’s leading cement producing companies, Ambuja Cement, also dropped a unique Republic Day commercial on Jan 25, 2021. The 3 minutes 47-second ad failed to grab any involvement from the viewers and saw a low engagement level of 18.83, reports the AffectLab assessment. The insights indicate that longer ads fail to keep the consumers engaged even though the attention level was high at 65.21 due to the commercial’s heartwarming theme. Moreover, viewers were happy watching the National flag unfurl on screen, resulting in a peak of positive emotions to 9.80.


Whether it’s a patriotic narrative or one focusing on romance, a commercial’s emotional appeal can do wonders. AffectLab, with its Emotion AI technologies like facial coding, eye tracking, and EEG brainwave mapping, enables companies to tap into viewers’ minds like never before. Uncover unstated customer responses and acquire actionable intelligence to enhance your creatives and drive maximum sales home.


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