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Most Emotion Triggering Digital Ads Of the Month- Feb 2021

Let’s explore Entropik’s monthly roundup of the most emotion-triggering ads in February 2021.

March 27, 2023
10 min
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Emotions ran high in the commercials marking 2021’s shortest month. From Mahindra Group’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science special to Apple TV’s Originals’ strong narratives wooed the viewers. Where Valentine’s Day, vaccination, Covid-19, and Holi remained key themes, let’s explore Entropik’s monthly roundup of the most emotion-triggering ads in February 2021.

Pfizer | V-Day Gift

The 30-second long parody commercial with a Valentine’s Day spin on the Covid-19 vaccine by US talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live left the audience in splits worldwide. The ad encourages vaccination against the Coronavirus. The skit, broadcasted as part of Jimmy Kimmel’s show, has garnered over 2 million views.

AffectLab’s emotion report indicates that the commercial is sitting well with viewers and bags the highest AL score of 41.17. The creative recorded a strong attention score of 65.2 and an average engagement level of 24.94.

Surf Excel | #RangAchheHain

Surf Excel’s new ad, celebrating the festival of colors, presents a socially-distanced Holi for the post-pandemic era. The minute-long tear-jerking commercial collected over 25 million YouTube views in days from its launch. Surf Excel’s #RangAchheHain campaign, addressing audiences’ emotional needs in times of physical isolation, portrays a young boy trying to include his elderly neighbor in the Holi festivities.

Entropik’s Emotion AI insights depict a solid AL score of 41.20. Besides, the creative scores an attention level of 64.91. AffectLab’s attention metric illustrates the commercial’s visual appeal standpoint on a scale of 0-100. The commercial also recorded an average engagement of 24.95.

Mahindra Group | #NakalKartiZidd

Mahindra Group’s latest commercial on the occasion of International Day of Women and Girls in Science is celebrating revolutionary women in STEM who carved a name for themselves. With a beautiful poem encapsulating the spirit of persevering women, the creative has garnered more than 8 million YouTube views and won praise across social media platforms.

Entropik’s Emotion AI technologies decoded audiences’ response to award the commercial with an AffectLab score of 40.44. The #NakalKartiZidd Ad recorded an attention and engagement score of 65.5 and 23.81.

Cadbury 5 Star | #Eat5StarDoNothing

Cadbury 5 Star’s hilarious take on Valentine’s Day is doing rounds on social media. The brand, known for its quirky ad campaigns, asks viewers to ‘#Eat5StarDoNothing,’ this lover’s day. The commercial launched its ‘The Escape Valentine’s Day Collection’ and has collected over 11 million YouTube views.

According to AffectLab’s insights, the creative secures an AL score of 40.43. The minute-long commercial bags attention and engagement scores of 65.02 and 24.04.

Apple+ TV

The blink-and-you-miss action-packed commercial from Apple TV highlights various movies and shows dropping for Apple+ viewers in 2021. The two-minute video graced YouTube and took the internet by storm with glimpses of new originals featuring Billie Eilish, Tom Holland, Reese Witherspoon, Keegan Michael Key, Julianne Moore, Rose Bryne, and many more.

Affect Lab’s emotion insights show that the video triggered an excellent attention score of 65.55 and an AL score of 40.36. The engagement levels remained at 23.12.


The latest advertisement from Churchill once again features the brand’s furry-faced mascot making his way down a slide. The 30-second-long commercial, taking the nodding dog on a ride, encourages customers to Chur-Chill as ‘Morals’ from Africa Express blasts in the background.

Affect Lab reported that the ad’s overall engagement at 22.2. Out of 100, the creative bagged a good attention score of 64.9 and an Affect Lab score of 39.96.

HDFC – Life | #BounceBack

HDFC Life dropped a new campaign, titled ‘bounce back,’ highlighting the resilience of business owners. The two-minute-long ad film follows a couple who recollect their journey of starting a retail shop from scratch and taking it to the heights of success with financial preparedness.

Affect Lab’s Emotion AI insights depict that the brand campaign recorded attention and engagement scores of 64.97 and 22.37. The commercial secured an Affect Lab score of 39.84.

Kwality Wall’s | #TrixyCookieCup

Hindustan Unilever-owned frozen desserts company’s 20-second long commercial in the Telugu language promotes Trixy Cookie Cup.

The short creative bags an average Affect Lab and engagement score of 39.53 and 20.35. The ad garnered mixed responses from respondents and a solid attention level at 65.68, reports Entropik’s emotion-insights.

Apple Watch Series 6

The future of staying healthy and workouts is on the wrist, claims Apple’s new ad featuring its Apple Watch Series 6. The 30-second creative suggests that customers can track all their workouts, even the ones carried out underwater. “Dreams” by Karma Fields and Shey Baba accompanies the beautiful subaqueous visuals in the commercial.

According to the Emotion AI-backed insights, the attention level for the ad remains strong at 65.04. However, the Affect Lab score remains at 39.18, and the creative recorded a low engagement at 21.08.

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