Most Talked About OTT Trailers in USA – May 2021

Let us have a look at Entropik’s verdict for 3 of the most-talked-about OTT trailers from May 2021



June 12, 2024

The OTT war is on round-the-clock. The tussle to bring on board more subscribers means OTT players are striving to stream unique and emotionally resonating content. And today, exciting, fast-paced, action-packed, and short-form tidbits or trailers are instrumental in amping up viewers’ responses and generating significant buzz across platforms. However, poorly made trailers can turn potentially interested viewers away from the actual content.

So, let us have a look at Entropik’s verdict for 3 of the most-talked-about OTT trailers from May 2021.

American Eid | Disney+ OTT Trailer

From a diverse set of stories in Disney’s Launchpad series comes the live-action short film, American Eid. The trailer follows the protagonist, Ameena, a Muslim Pakistani immigrant girl who wakes up on Eid to find out that she must go to school.

Homesick and heartbroken, she embarks on a mission to make the much-revered festival a public-school holiday. Due to the intriguing plot, the trailer grabs a high attention score of about 63.89. Besides, the video garners Affect Lab and engagement scores of 41.75 and 24.9.

Netflix | Money Heist| Date Announcement

A new trailer of the highly anticipated Netflix show Money Heist was recently released featuring the gang facing off against a militia of armed police.

The respondents emoted high levels of sadness as this is the final season. Nevertheless, the trailer manages to grab a high attention score of 63.81 and an Affect Lab rating of 42.74. Meanwhile, the engagement score remained at 27.24.

Amazon Prime Video May Trailer

The trailer from Amazon Prime Video features all the new shows and movies arriving on the OTT platform in May. The gripping video starts with an iconic scene from the action-romance film Mr. and Mrs. Smith starring the power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The commercial continues with action-packed sequences of the remaining classics.

The trailer grabs a high attention score of 64.02 when the limited series “The Underground Railroad,” based on the Colson Whitehead novel of the same name, appears on the screen. In addition, the video collects a solid Affect Lab score of 43.64 and an engagement score of 29.05.

Summing Up

Like Entropik’s emotion report indicates, while the storytelling elements are essential, the trailers must be emotion-triggering as well to intrigue viewers.

Also, since every split second is under the scanner in trailers, tapping onto the right emotions is key to generating viral and binge-worthy content. That’s where actionable intelligence from the Emotion AI platform, Affect Lab, can augment brands with emotion-rich insights into their audiences’ subconscious.

With Entropik, create gripping content and keep your audiences hooked with a click!


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