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Here’s everything you want to know about Qatalyst, your best user research alternative for Hotjar.

Kham Chakhap
February 23, 2024
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Are you looking to enhance your market research capabilities and thinking about Hotjar? Take a look at Qatalyst, a top alternative with Insights AI for 6x faster results.

In this comparison, we'll break down Hotjar and Qatalyst, showcasing their features, technologies, and applications. This will help you decide which platform aligns better with your requirements.

What makes Qatalyst a good alternative consumer research platform?

Qatalyst stands out as the best alternative for Hotjar, particularly for those seeking an integrated platform for their user research requirements. The platform provides deep, unbiased insights for brands to make strategic decisions. 

With Qatalyst, you can efficiently conduct AI-powered mixed-method research within days, thanks to its extensive panel of over 80 million respondents from 120+ different countries. Its user-friendly and customizable platform ensures smooth study execution and scalability for your research endeavors.

With over 17 approved patents and over 150+ trusted customers, Qatalyst has the capability to transform traditional research processes. It helps brands une­arth old and new data for maximum research benefits.

Hotjar vs Qatalyst

Let us look at how Hotjar and Qatalyst stack up against each other through a comparison chart below.

1. Background


Entropik- a leading Human Insights AI company with Insights AI capabilities. With technologies comprising Generative AI, Emotion AI, and Behavior AI, Entropik has gained recognition as the 'Best AI Startup of the Year' in 2023 and is acknowledged by Gartner as one of India's 'Top 5 Cool Vendors in AI.'

Qatalyst is Entropik’s user research platform with Insights AI capabilities. It is an integrated platform that offers a comprehensive and user-friendly consumer research experience. Trusted by brands across various industries such as e-commerce, BFSI, and OTT sectors (among others) to improve their user experience, Qatalyst offers an easy-to-use interface, personalized reporting, and Insights AI integration. It has become a go-to solution for brands aiming to conduct effective user research.


Hotjar is a product experience insights platform that gives you behavior analytics and feedback data to help you empathize with and understand your customers.

The Observe tools like Heatmaps and Recordings allow you to see what your users see. The Ask tools, like Surveys and Feedback, help you bring your customers' voices into the conversation. Engage is your go-to tool to automate the entire user research process – from recruitment and scheduling to hosting and recording.

Hotjar complements the data and insights you get from traditional product and web analytics tools like Google Analytics or Mixpanel. It’s an industry-leading and easy-to-use service that combines product experience insights, user behavior analysis, and customer feedback to help you connect the dots between what's happening on your site and why it happens.


2. Top Features


  • Mixed method research
  • Moderated research
  • Unmoderated research (A/B testing, preference testing, 5-second testing, prototype testing, card sorting, tree testing)
  • Live website and Android app testing
  • Panel/tester management
  • 25+ research templates with the option of creating custom templates
  • AI-generated transcription and translation
  • Logic application for surveys
  • Screen-by-screen analysis for prototypes
  • Tags and highlights
  • Bring your own panel or access a panel of 80 million+ across 120+ countries.


  • Heat Maps
  • Session Replays
  • Monitoring
  • Data Segmentation
  • API / Integrations
  • Performance and Reliability
  • User, Role, and Access Management
  • Conversion Opportunities
  • Side-By-Side Analysis
  • Mobile Device Analysis
  • Data Quantification
  • Webpage Element Analysis
  • Analytics
  • Surveys
  • Interviews

3. Technology


Emotion AI

Facial Coding

  • Single Face Emotion Recognition: Qatalyst’s technology captures emotions in one-on-one scenarios, like video conferencing and interviews.
  • Multi-face Emotion Recognition: Qatalyst's technology identifies emotions in group settings, allowing simultaneous recognition during activities such as video conferencing and focus group discussions.
  • Recorded Video Emotion Analysis: Qalatyst's technology analyzes emotions in recorded videos, spanning content like ads, YouTube videos, TV shows, trailers, movies, and similar media.

Voice AI

  • Reliable Transcriptions: Qatalyst's real-time speech-to-text conversion boasts over 95% accuracy, providing a dependable solution for expanding qualitative research.
  • Emotion Recognition: Utilizing AI, machine learning, and NLP, Qatalyst quantifies emotions expressed through voice tonalities and speech acoustics.
  • Zero Hardware: Qatalyst seamlessly utilizes live audio from phone/video calls or uploaded recordings from standard laptop/mobile microphones, eliminating the necessity for additional hardware.

Behavior AI

Eye Tracking

  • Camera-Based Capture: Qatalyst employs computer vision, replacing traditional infrared-based hardware eye trackers, to gather eye-tracking data using webcams and smartphone cameras.
  • Explicit Calibration: Ensuring optimal accuracy in real-world scenarios, Qatalyst conducts explicit calibration before each capture, requiring minimal instructions and no moderation.
  • Mobile Eye Tracking: Qatalyst accurately gauges the attention and engagement levels of mobile users in both controlled and uncontrolled environments, achieving over 95% accuracy.


  • Screen recording
  • Click Tracking
  • Eye tracking

4. Use Cases



  • Usability testing
  • Customer journey map
  • Content Testing
  • Information Architecture Testing
  • Hypotheses testing
  • A/B testing
  • Feedback and Sentiment
  • NPS Survey

5. Pricing


Qatalyst's pricing model includes no platform fee and is based on an annual commitment for research sessions or unmoderated research blocks. Volume discounts are available based on the number of sessions or blocks opted. Additional optional add-ons include Live Technical Support for Moderators and Professional Services. 


Hotjar has 12 pricing editions based on its Observe, Ask and Engage tools. A free trial of Hotjar is also available.

Enclosing the pricing snippets below as per G2:


Why Qatalyst?

UXtweak focuses mainly on usability testing, information architecture research, and user behavior analytics through click-tracking technology. 

Compared to Qatalyst, UXtweak has a limited suite of technologies. It is the ultimate solution for gaining in-depth knowledge of consumer behavior that adapts to rapid changes. Qatalyst is a great option for teams that are looking for an Insights AI-backed user research platform for rapid, unbiased, and adaptable insights. With Qatalyst, you can conduct AI-powered mixed-method research in days, not weeks.

Not convinced? Here are some compelling reasons why you should take the plunge: 

  • DIY research with customizable studies.
  • 25+ readymade templates + ability to make custom templates.
  • Robust reporting tools that show you what your users are looking at in real-time.
  • Custom usability scores that show how your prototype is doing at both an overall level and a more granular, screen-by-screen level. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Hotjar used for?

Hotjar is a versatile tool designed to help website owners gain insights into user behavior. It provides features like heatmaps, session recordings, and feedback tools, enabling a deeper understanding of how visitors engage with a website.

2. What distinguishes Hotjar from Google Analytics?

Hotjar and Google Analytics offer different perspectives on website analysis. While Google Analytics focuses on metrics like traffic sources and user demographics, Hotjar provides visual insights through tools such as heatmaps and session recordings, offering a more detailed view of user interactions.

3. What role does Hotjar play in SEO?

In the context of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Hotjar proves valuable for assessing user behavior on a website. By uncovering insights into user interactions, identifying pain points, and enhancing overall user experience, Hotjar indirectly contributes to potential improvements in metrics like bounce rate and time on page, potentially influencing organic search rankings.

Supercharge your research with actionable insights faster on Decode's integrated consumer research platform with Insights AI.
Want to conduct lean and unbiased research? Try out Entropik's tech behavioral research platform today!
Want to conduct lean and unbiased research? Try out Entropik's tech behavioral research platform today!
Want to conduct lean and unbiased research? Try out Entropik's tech behavioral research platform today!
Build the Right Products, the Right Way: Elevate your UX with Qatalyst's integrated user research platform with Insights AI.


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