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Emotion-recognition startup Entropik raises $25M - Read More
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Demo: Humanizing Consumer Insights with Emotion AI

Entropik Tech's webinar on humanizing consumer insights with emotion AI offers a live demo of the company's emotion AI-powered consumer research tool.

February 23, 2023
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Lava Kumar, CPO and founder of Entropik Tech discusses Emotion AI and gives a demo of the Affect Lab platform at IIEX Behavior event. IIEX Bahavior is a leading event in market research industry held by GreenBook.

This 45 minutes on-demand webinar explores the uncharted area of understanding consumer behavior.

  1. Intoduction to Facial Coding, Eye Tracking, Facial Coding and Voice AI.
  2. Demo of Entropik Tech's Affect Lab platform.


Lava Kumar, CPO and Founder, Entropik Tech.

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