Unlock Real Customer Feedback using Emotion AI

Discover how Emotion AI can unlock real customer feedback in this informative webinar by Entropik Tech, a leading provider of emotion recognition technology.

February 23, 2023
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The modern-day customer is distracted and overwhelmed with choices, making 95% of their purchase decisions subconsciously, influenced by emotions. In-depth Interviews, Focus Group Discussions, and Surveys might not be sufficient to understand the complex mind of the modern-day consumer. Because the problem with traditional methods is that they are biased, lack scalability, and most importantly, fail to answer the "why" part of the purchase decision.

Emotion AI is solving these long-standing problems by augmenting the traditional ways of consumer research. With more than 90% accuracy and computer-vision-based methods, Emotion Insights are helping brands to humanize their experiences at scale, by unlocking real customer feedback.

Watch this on-demand webinar as Ranjan Kumar, CEO, and Founder of Entropik Tech talks about:

  1. Introducing Emotion AI to Consumer Research.
  2. Augmenting Traditional Methods with Emotion AI.
  3. Facial Emotion Recognition and Eye Tracking.
  4. Unlocking Real Customer Feedback 4X Faster.

The webinar also include a customer case study that highlights how a Multinational CPG brand used Emotion AI to understand post-covid online consumer behavior and increased their online sales by 16%.


Ranjan Kumar, CEO and Founder, Entropik Tech.

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