Emotion AI: Redefining the Way Brands Conduct Consumer Research

Join Entropik Tech's webinar to learn how Emotion AI is redefining the way brands conduct consumer research and gain deeper insights into consumer behavior.

February 23, 2023
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What are the new ways brands can conduct consumer research? Do you feel asking a person on a rating from 1-10 really tells how they feel about your product? 90% of consumer's decisions are subconscious and these responses are not captured on a traditional survey. Emotion AI solves this long standing problem with AI and ML technologies like Facial Coding, Eye Tracking, Brainwave Mapping and Voice AI.

Watch this 40 minutes on-demand webinar by Lava Kumar, CPO and Fouder of Entropik Tech which was presented at Esomar's webinar session.

  1. Introduction to Emotion AI.
  2. Demo of Entropik Tech's Affect Lab platform.


Lava Kumar, CPO and Founder, Entropik Tech.

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