Humanizing UX: User Research with Eye Tracking and Facial Coding

Learn how to humanize UX user research with eye-tracking and facial coding in this webinar by Entropik Tech, a pioneer in the field of Emotion AI.

February 23, 2023
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Responsive, adaptive, data-driven…these jargons dominated last decade, transforming UX forever. But what’s next in the innovation of User Experience? Humanizing UX seems to be the next big challenge, to deliver experiences that resonate with emotional and subconscious preferences of users.

And in order to humanize UX, we first need to know what users see and how they feel about it. Emotion AI tech like Eye Tracking and Facial Coding are filling this gap by allowing researchers to capture users’ eye gaze movements and facial expressions to understand their subconscious and emotional preferences.

In this 1 hour on-demand webinar presented by Lava Kumar and Himanshu Gaur you will find the below;

  1. Capabilities of Entropik Tech’s “Affect UX” platform for concept validation, wireframe testing, usability testing and path to purchase insights.
  2. Case studies that shows how Entropik Tech's customers leveraged Emotion AI to gather deeper insights and humanize their UX, while saving development time by 52%.
  3. Live demo of Affect UX Android App that uses eye tracking technology on mobile phones.


Lava Kumar, CPO and Founder, Entropik Tech.

Himanshu Gaur, Head of Sales, Entropik Tech.

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