Staying Relevant with Automation in a Fast-paced Consumer Research Industry

Entropik Tech's webinar on staying relevant with automation in a fast-paced consumer research industry explores how automation can improve the efficiency of consumer research.

February 23, 2023
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Every organization is or has revamped its work structure only to reach one goal - to deliver fast. One example would be the manufacturing industry. Almost everything is automated in manufacturing, from chopping down materials to packaging. By doing so industries spend more time on critical things than unnecessarily spending time on repetitive tasks.

But is the market research industry as fast and agile as other industries in adopting new technologies? Does your organization use AI and Machine Learning technologies to cut down the cost and time of every market research project? Or is your research scattered and siloed with different teams? Time to rethink if you are spending your time on repetitive tasks.

Join Entropik Tech for a one-hour session to understand how you can scale your research within less time with state-of-the-art technologies that are revolutionizing the research industry.

1. Why there is a need for market researchers to consolidate all consumer research tools?
2. How automation helps make faster decisions with real-time data.
3. How to consolidate Qualitative and Quantitative studies by bringing together Surveys, Samplings, Automated Transcriptions, Behavioral Studies, Automated Data Visualization, and Real-Time Dashboards under one roof.
4. Sneek peek at Entropik Tech's quant and qual platforms.

About Entropik Tech - Recognized by Gartner as a leading vendor in the Emotion AI space, Entropik Tech provides end-to-end solutions to qualitative and quantitative researchers. Its proprietary technologies such as Facial Coding, Eye-Tracking, Voice AI, and Sentiment Analysis help researchers capture and quantify emotions to get accurate consumer insights. Entropik Tech’s self-serve platforms make it easier for researchers to automate and scale any research project with 4x speed.

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