What if AI Can measure Human Behavior? Well it already does, at scale!

Entropik Tech's webinar on what if AI can measure human behavior? Well, it already does at scale. discusses the impact of AI on measuring human behavior.



February 23, 2023

How do AI & ML, benefit researchers?

AI technologies like Facial Coding and Eye-Tracking have turned science fiction into reality, allowing researchers to measure human emotions and subconscious behavior.

In addition, these AI technologies have made behavioral studies scalable with no hardware, quantified metrics, and high accuracy.

Invest your time in things that will change the world tomorrow. Leave the manual work to AI & ML.

Join us at this webinar to understand;

  1. What is AI-Led Behavioral DIY Research?
  2. How Facial Coding and Eye-Tracking are helping big brands decode consumer behavior.
  3. How to scale your research with accuracy?