Emotion AI: Adding 3As (Accuracy, Agility, Actionability) to Consumer Research

Learn how Emotion AI can enhance consumer research by adding the 3As - Accuracy, Agility, and Actionability - in this webinar by Entropik Tech.


Lava Kumar, CPO and Founder, Entropik Tech.


February 23, 2023

80% of executives believe that they understand their consumer whereas the consumers have to say someting else, they feel only 15% of companies understand their needs. We can close this gap by understanding the subconscious behaviour of consumers by using AI and ML technologies like Facial Coding, Eye Tracking, Brainwave Mapping and Voice AI.

In this 45 minutes on-demand webinar join Lava Kumar, CPO and Founder of Entropik Tech as he explores the ways how we can close this gap with Emotion AI technology.

  1. What is Facial Coding, Eye Tracking, Braiwave Mapping and Voice AI?
  2. How you can incorporate these technologies to understand your consumer better.
  3. Case Study of a large british multinational breakfast cereal company on how they leverage
  4. Emotion AI to lift their marketing spend ROI by 34%.
  5. Demo of Entropik Tech's self-serve DIY Affect Lab platform.