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Entropik Boosts Instagram Advertisement With In-Context Research

Instagaze by Entropik: Optimize Instagram ads seamlessly within the app, aligning with user preferences for higher conversions and real-time data insights.

December 11, 2023
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  • In this attention economy, Instagaze facilitates a measurable return on investment (ROI) by providing comprehensive analytics
  • A combination of Insights AI (Generative AI, Emotion AI, and Behavior AI) and In-Context Research empowers brands to create engaging and binge-worthy content

Bengaluru, 11th December 2023: Entropik, a leading human insights AI company specializing in consumer and user research, today announced a transformative upgrade to its flagship product, Decode. The latest feature, In-Context Testing or Instagaze, is specifically designed for the social platform Instagram, enabling brands to seamlessly test their reels and ads in-context and optimize them directly within the Instagram app.

Instagaze's innovative approach leads to higher conversion rates by aligning advertisements with user preferences, behaviours, and emotional triggers. Instagaze not only streamlines the testing process but also equips businesses with the tools to make informed, data-driven decisions in real-time.

Conducting in-context research on Decode involves leveraging Facial Coding and Eye Tracking technologies. This approach enables a meticulous analysis, providing second-by-second insights into attention, engagement, and emotional responses. The data obtained also sheds light on the duration consumers spend on the content.

Speaking about the new offering, Ranjan Kumar, Co-founder & CEO, Entropik, said, “Understanding consumer preferences and creating experiences that are focused on the needs of the consumer is a huge challenge for brands in this attention economy. Globally, the consumer insights market is valued at $70 billion. Entropik helps brands measure consumers' subconscious behaviors for digital, media, and retail experiences and then optimize these experiences to emotionally connect with them. With in-context research, we are revolutionizing the way brands conduct research and gain insights about their consumers. By giving them a preview of their media performance in the simulated environment of Instagram, they get authentic and actionable insights into how their content will appear and resonate with their potential consumers.”

Armed with these comprehensive insights, brands gain the ability to optimize their content strategies for specific social media platforms. This includes identifying effective placement of Calls to Action (CTAs), enhancing the positioning of various elements and characters, and making informed decisions about content delivery.

This cutting-edge feature is a direct response to the attention challenges posed by the current attention economy. It empowers brands to present their content in the most compelling manner, giving them a strategic advantage and positioning them at the forefront of industry trends.

This integration represents a major leap forward for Decode, positioning it as the premier end-to-end integrated consumer research solution. It equips brands with the tools needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of Instagram advertising with confidence, eliminating guesswork and providing valuable insights for strategic decision-making. Entropik is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in consumer research, and in-context testing underscores our commitment to empowering brands through cutting-edge technologies.  

About Entropik

Entropik is a Human Insights AI company that specializes in consumer and user research. They also offer standalone tech solutions through API/SDK integrations. Their technology stack includes Emotion AI, Behavior AI, and Generative AI. Entropik is the only company in the world that covers both consumer and user research. It caters to 150+ global clients across sectors such as Telecom, BFSI, Media, CPG, FMCG, Entertainment, Fintech, and E-commerce, among others. The company has 17 global patent claims in the arena of Multimodal Emotion AI technologies like Facial Coding, Eye Tracking, and Voice AI. Entropik has won many awards and accolades, such as the Amazon AI Award 2018, and has been quoted by Gartner as one of India's 'Top 5 Cool Vendors in AI'. For more information, please visit:

For media queries, please contact:

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