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“95% of decisions made by a consumer are emotional in nature. We are the 2nd largest repository of human emotion data globally,” says Ranjan Kumar

Entropik Tech's CEO, Ranjan Kumar, states that 95% of consumer decisions are emotional and that the company has the world's 2nd largest human emotion data repository.

February 23, 2023
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Entropik Tech’s Emotion AI Solution – AffectLab Helping Brands to Boost Brand Engagement

Entropik Tech, the world’s leading Emotion AI company, features on Inc42, a prominent media platform covering the Indian startup ecosystem. The publication’s story covers Entropik Tech’s artificial intelligence-based emotion analytics technology tapping into subconscious consumer behavior.
The AI-based technology has powerful applications in enhancing the customer journey online and in brick-and-mortar retail. The data backs this. Entropik’s technology allows brands to cut down customer acquisition costs by 63%, increase customer satisfaction by 32%, and drive up organic virality of content by 3X.
According to Ranjan Kumar, CEO, Entropik Tech, “95% of decisions made by a consumer are emotional in nature and not much work has been done in the space. We are currently the second largest repository of human emotion data globally with about 26 million data points. This collective intelligence gives us an edge.”
An emotional customer journey map is that it accurately reflects the experience from the customer’s perspective, taking into account their key moments, their emotions, and both positive and negative aspects of their experience.
Entropik Tech’s AI tech – Affect Lab – employs cutting-edge technologies such as eye tracking, brainwave mapping, and virtual reality-based tests to get unbiased insights into a consumer’s actual feelings about a product. Its multi-modal emotion recognition technologies capture subtle cognitive and behavioral buying patterns that allow brands to deliver excellent customer value, and transform the customer experience.
Read the full article as featured on Inc42 here on ‘How Entropik Is Mapping Emotions Through Tech To Boost Brand Engagement’ (

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