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Why Eye-Tracking is Essential to Marketing’s Future

Entropik Tech explains why eye-tracking technology is essential to the future of marketing, enabling brands to better understand consumer behavior and preferences.

February 23, 2023
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In recent times, among Emotion AI technologies including the likes of facial coding and brainwave mapping, eye-tracking is probably the best known and most widely used. Eye-tracking technologies capture where a person is looking, what they are looking at, and how long their gaze remains in a particular spot. This information is tremendously valuable to marketers because eyes are among the most important tools we use for decision making and eye-tracking offers the best way to objectively measure visual attention.

“Brands including P&G, Mars, Kellogg’s, Sony, Philip Morris, Accenture Ventures, and others today use eye-tracking. Brands rely on eye-tracking technology to give marketers data on all sorts of relevant topics ranging from which product features customers prefer, which product packaging customers like, and what optimal product placement might be in order to maximize customer interest,” writes Ranjan Kumar, CEO, Founder, Entropik Tech for RT Insights.

Eye-tracking technology today—which has 96 percent accuracy—has been used to prove that certain high-impact ads have 45x the impact of standard display ads. The value of that information to marketers is tremendous.

Though initially used by massive corporate brands with massive marketing budgets, today insights from eye-tracking technology are within reach of mid-sized and smaller brands, too. The future of marketing will increasingly be informed by Emotion AI that helps brands serve their customers better than ever. The full article can be found here at RT Insights.

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