Entropik Tech Joins SAP's Future of Shopping Program

Entropik Tech has joined SAP's "Future of Shopping" program to enhance the shopping experience with its Emotion AI technology, enabling better customer engagement.



June 12, 2024


Bengaluru, India - September 8, 2022:  Bengaluru based Entropik Tech has been selected by SAP for its Future of Shopping Cohort. The SAP.iO program is designed to accelerate early-stage B2B startups that can extend SAP's portfolio and deliver additional innovation to customers.

Besides Entropik Tech, 13 other innovative B2B tech startups have been selected to participate in SAP.iO Bangalore's accelerator program centered on delivering enhanced shopping experiences to digital shoppers.

"We are honored to be selected for the SAP Future of Shopping Startup Program. It is a true validation of our technology and its impact that we were selected as one of the top 14 companies among 800 companies that applied. It's a great showcase of how deep tech startups and corporates can come together to solve unique problems for customers", said Ranjan Kumar, CEO & Founder of Entropik Tech.

Entropik Tech's Facial Coding, Eye-Tracking, and Voice AI technologies enable brands to understand the subconscious of their customers to create products that are not just intelligent but emotionally perceptive.

Anchored on the Future of Shopping theme, the chosen Indian companies will have the chance to develop and scale their platforms leveraging SAP technology and application programming interfaces (APIs). In addition, the cohort will be guided by SAP executives and leading industry experts through curated mentorship and collaboration with SAP customers.

Entropik Tech congratulates all other companies that got selected for the program.

About Entropik Tech

Entropik Tech is the world's leading AI company that analyses human behavior by bridging the gap between humans and technology. Driven by innovation, Entropik Tech was born in 2016. Since then, it has grown exponentially. Today, many of the world's largest brands rely on Entropik Tech to help them understand their customers better. Entropik Tech focuses on solving the brands' accuracy, bias, and scalability problems.

About SAP.iO

SAP.iO delivers new partnerships and products for SAP by accelerating and scaling startup innovation as well as incubating employee ventures. SAP.iO brings together innovators from every region, industry, and line of business to transform how businesses run. Since 2017, SAP.iO has helped 400+ external startups and internal ventures accelerate their growth while enabling thousands of SAP customers to access innovation. For more information, visit http://sap.io/.

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