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Why Eye tracking technology indicates a paradigm shift in the future of marketing

February 23, 2023
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Did you know that 83% of the information used in cognitive processing is visually obtained? And to measure visual attention, eye tracking is an essential tool. Eye-tracking over the years has become a means of exploring the relationship between consumer behavior and visual attention. But in the past, eye-tracking technology has been primarily used to conduct research on consumer decision-making, marketing, and advertising.

While early eye-tracking technology was hardware-based and hence limited in capacity, the real breakthrough came in this decade when the first software-based eye-tracking products became available. It is less intrusive, highly scalable, and its accuracy is comparable to mobile eye trackers that are 50x more expensive.

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic only accentuated the need for technology like this. In the first half of 2021, approximately 43% of consumers shopped online for products they had previously purchased offline. This shift in shoppers’ behavior due to the pandemic has transformed everything, from shopper preferences to expectations. The rapid growth in online shopping means retailers need to pay much attention to customer experience. Eye-tracking is more important than ever in this environment. This is the reason why brands like P&G, Mars, Kellogg’s, Sony, Philip Morris, Accenture Ventures, and others today use eye-tracking.

“The most powerful recent innovation in eye-tracking has been its incorporation into mobile technologies—eye-tracking processes that can gather data about what customers are looking at on their mobile phones and iPads. Mobile eye-tracking has been much harder for innovators to build, but is here today, works reliably, and is helping marketers make much more precise and powerful product decisions,” writes Ranjan Kumar, CEO, Founder, Entropik Tech for Analytics Insight.

Read about how eye tracking can help with insights for everything ranging from packaging preferences to UI design suggestions for companies of all sizes and how the future of marketing will increasingly be informed by Emotion AI that will help brands serve their customers better than ever. The full article can be found here at Analytics Insight

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