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Unlocking Customers’ True Emotions and Subconscious with Emotion AI

February 23, 2023
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Brands face this enormous challenge in understanding true customer preferences and putting them in the center of customer experiences. In contrast, customers are overwhelmed with choices and make most buying decisions drawing on their emotions and subconscious preferences. But that’s not it!

Yes! Statistics reveal that marketers can bag an average increase of 20% in sales by delivering personalized experiences to customers. That means deriving actionable, consumer-focused, in-depth, and real-time customer emotion data can help brands win the game. With new-age Emotion AI solutions, brands can tap into emotion insights, maximize customer engagement, and develop brand loyalty.

While adopting a more AI-enabled, data-driven approach to delivering positive customer interactions eliminates much of the guesswork involved in creating a consumer-centric experience, there’s more, deeper technology that can be utilized. Specifically, Emotion AI can go even further, helping companies connect with users at the deepest level possible,” writes Ranjan Kumar, CEO, Founder, Entropik Tech for Built In.

Emotion AI technologies hold the potential to augment traditional research methods and supersede shortcomings like accuracy, scalability, and bias. Here, while facial coding can decode facial expressions, eye tracking can translate eye movements into actionable emotion metrics of attention, engagement, and positive and negative emotions.

Explore Emotion AI’s untapped potential into powering the consumer insights industry, its current-day adoption, benefits, accuracy levels, and the opportunities they usher into consumer research; read the full article here at Built In. Built In is a digital community for tech companies and startups.

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