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Emotion AI: Future of Education Sector

Entropik Tech's Emotion AI can revolutionize the education sector by enabling better student engagement, personalized learning, and teacher training.

February 23, 2023
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Emotion AI: Future of Education Sector – as featured in Business World

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic and accompanying lockdown brought ripples across the global education sector. Millions of students shifted to online learning overnight. As several industries across the globe incurred losses, the EdTech industry witnessed a boom like never before.

With more than 10 million users and growing, the online education industry has many challenges to overcome. The present-day systems of e-learning lack the human touch and pose the risk of adversely affecting the learning outcomes. Students and teachers struggle to continue the same engagement, attention, and value through online classes. Emotion AI’s emerging technology can offer many innovation opportunities for educational institutes and schools to improve communication and provide enhanced remote learning experiences for the students.

“Powered with technologies such as eye-tracking, facial coding, and UX testing techniques in Emotion AI, educators can reform their content to maximize the student’s learning. AI-driven emotion analytics and algorithms can also help teachers gain insights into the emotional intelligence, learning abilities, and behavioral skills of each student,” writes Ranjan Kumar, CEO and Founder of Entropik Tech.

Read the full article published in India’s leading business magazine, Business World’s BW Education portal. The article, authored by Ranjan Kumar, CEO, and Founder of Entropik Tech, emphasizes Emotion AI’s ability to shape the education sector’s future.

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